Well, you must have heard about a lot of changes that are being introduced into the education system in the present scenario. The advancements are also mentioned in the budget 2022. Due to the outbreak of the deadly virus, more than 1-year students have relied on digital knowledge. 

This raises the question, how will be the future of online education in India. If you go through the budget, you will acknowledge the technological advancements going to be made in the online education system which determines the positive future of online education in India. 

COVID-19 has largely affected the studies of the students in India and the online platforms have supported enormously to combat the challenges thrown by the virus and lockdowns. The present and future of the online generation are greatly influential and effective for the era. 

If you are worried about the future of online education in India, you should go ahead and read this informative article. This article contains all the relevant information to satisfy the queries in your mind. So, let’s begin.

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Future of Online Education in India

The COVID-19 scenario has been tough not only in the health sector but also in the educational and work sectors. The education of the students has greatly affected during the complete phase. Digital platforms have taken charge of the student’s education and learning in this phase. 

All the people were stuck inside their houses for months and had no alternative to let the kids continue their education. The term holiday had turned into a disastrous mess which used to be a happy thought earlier. 

The students got deprived of their knowledge. This is the reason that the government needed to find an alternative, and that alternative was online education. This has worked efficiently for the kid’s growth and development. 

Moreover, the New Education Policy (NEP) that came in 2020 had great modifications and enhancements in the education system of the students. Furthermore, budget 2022 also has great advancements in the study system. 

The budget includes online education as well but with a new set of rules comes many drawbacks. Therefore, the future for online education is transparent and positive.  

Effects of the Pandemic

According to the information from UNESCO, more than 1.37 billion students got affected by the closure of schools and universities around the globe. This data is gathered from 138 countries and the education degradation was the same in every country. 

Plus, according to the data, approximately 60.2 million school teachers, as well as college lecturers, were no longer held in the classrooms for teaching the students during the destructive phase. E-education has worked as a savior for the student’s learning and education during the overall scenario. 

The students have now understood the complete process of searching and learning digitally. Unlike the earlier phase, the students find it convenient and fast to learn through online platforms. 

During the lockdown phase, the students found different effective platforms for different subjects and concepts. The majority of the teachers made accounts on the video conferencing applications to teach the kids and learners through the internet. 

The most popular and effective platforms are Zoom, Skype, Google Classroom, and Meet. These were among the best places to engage with students to grow their intellect and concepts. 

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Online Teaching Platforms in India

The digital teaching platforms in India have proven incredible for the student’s learning during the pandemic period. The teachers searching for the best digital learning platforms to earn from home can also go through these greatly beneficial platforms. 

All of these online places offer amazing education and learning advantages to the students from the beginners, intermediate, and advanced groups. So, let’s move ahead to acknowledge the best online teaching platforms in India where you can earn money by teaching online.

#. Emaester

#. Udemy

#. Coursera

#. Real School

#. Skillshare

#. edX

#. LinkedIn Learning

#. Udacity

#. Khan Academy

#. Thinkific

#. Codecademy

#. Teachable

#. FutureLearn

#. TalentLMS

#. LearnWorlds Ltd

#. WizIQ

#. Learndash

#. Kajabi

#. Google Classroom

#. Pluralsight

#. Alison

#. Academy Of Mine

#. Docebo

#. Edmodo

#. Blackboard Learn


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Significance of the Online Education Platforms

The biggest advantage of online platforms is accessibility. The students get their required content anywhere and at any time. The new media and internet offer the facility of on-demand access to content and information. 

It is possible on any digital platform but the challenging part here arises for the students as well as the administrators. Everyone agrees to the fact that the online media platforms in the current era are an amalgamation of the classical and conventional ways of learning. 

This includes books and notebooks and different digital applications and software like eBooks and pdfs. The most influential part of digital education is faster accessibility and cheap usage. 

The learners can get the required data within seconds on their device and it is cheaper than the other mediums of teaching and learning. If you are reading about the importance of digital platforms, you should also go through the drawbacks that it provides. Let’s have a look at the drawbacks of digital education. 


#1. Socioeconomic divide

#2. The mental health of students

#3. Gender differentiation

#4. Excessive screen time

#5. Internet drawbacks

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Advancements Under New Education Policy

Many advancements have been made to the digital educational system under the new education policy. A major focus has been given to the given points on digital learning. 

#1. Digital infrastructure.

#2. Tools and Methods.

#3. Pilot studies for digital education.

#4. Training for Teachers.

#5. Virtual labs.

Online Teaching Skills

According to the statistics, more than 60.2 million school teachers made accounts on the online video conferencing applications so that they can provide education and learning to the students during the COVID scenario. 

The teachers required a few skills to conduct the classes. The basic need was being tech-savvy. The teachers have problems in the beginning because of a lack of technological understanding and practical knowledge. The other important skill needed for the digital classes is subject knowledge. 

The teachers must have complete subject and concept knowledge to teach the students perfectly. Also, if you want to become an online teacher and are searching for ways to earn through digital platforms, you should understand the concrete and precise teaching methods. You can make your account and get the chance to teach digitally. 

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We hope and believe that this article has been helpful for your knowledge related to the future of online education in India. The Internet has been the greatest invention and advancement in the 21 May century. 

Due to the working of the internet, online platforms have become cheap, accessible, and available for everyone. The world has become a global village because of the advent and development of online functionalities. We all can see that online functions are the future of the world. 

Talking about education, everything is available for the students on different educational platforms. The teachers have incredible job opportunities in the online platforms. If you are looking for the best online teaching platforms or if you want to grab more information related to the future-ready platforms for the students, you should visit the Emaester website. 

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