Teaching is the most incredible job because it develops the overall personality of the people by which the nation can be developed. Many people like to become a teacher but distance is an issue for some people. 

This scenario has made them realize the importance of digital education and the students have also understood that there’s nothing better than learning from home and being able to access all the content with flexibility. Also, the best part about digital education is that you learn at your pace. 

You can fetch information on any subject or topic irrespective of your age and class. You can also meet the best teachers on different websites and can choose to get an education from the one you understand the most. 

The teachers can get the best platform for teaching to earn money and live a sustainable life. Well, a lot of benefits are attached to digital education. Let’s go through the online teaching platforms in India so that the teachers can teach and the students can learn effectively. 

This article has covered the online teaching platforms in India and the best online teaching platform in India. So, let’s start grabbing online teaching platforms for teachers in India and online teaching platforms in India to earn money. 

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Online Teaching Skills

While talking about the skills required for online teaching, let’s also discuss the things required to be an online tutor. Of course, the first thing is undoubtedly knowledge and skill to teach a particular subject. 

Let’s see other basic things that are tremendously important in digital mentorship. The first is being tech-savvy. If the teacher does not have correct knowledge of the technology, he/she will not be able to conduct the classes and teach the concepts properly. 

You should have a computer or laptop on which you can install video conferencing applications or software to teach different topics. 

The teachers must also have a writing or digital pad so that they can see whatever they are writing on the screen to explain it to the students. You can purchase it easily on online platforms. 

Moreover, you must be an expert on the subject you are striving to teach because the students join from all over the world or the region. They can ask their queries in between the lectures. You should answer them appropriately along with the examples. Take a look at the type of online teaching jobs by which you can earn money by teaching online. 

#. Subject Experts

#. Online Tutors

#. College-level online teaching faculty

#. Instructional Designers

#. Course Developers

#. School-level online teaching faculty

#. Online English teachers

Online Teaching Platforms in India

Are you looking for online teaching platforms in India to earn well for sustainable living? Well, you can go ahead to acknowledge the best platforms to teach the students. 

Everyone agrees that the need for digital teaching jobs is increasing tremendously in the current scenario, hence there are plenty of websites as well as applications that act as a linking bridge between teachers and students. 

If you are looking for an opportunity, you can search it on search engines. Everyone can’t be a good teacher, so different platforms have various recruitment processes by which they shortlist you for teaching the learners. You must read about all the best online tutor platforms in India. 

#1. Vedantu

#2. Emaester

#3. Real School

#4. Byjus

#5. TutorVista

#6. Coursera

#7. Udemy

#8. Unacademy

#9. Tutor.com

#10. Chegg

#11. VIP Kids

#12. Magic Ears

#13. QKids

#14. MathElf

#15. Elevate K-12

Earn Money by Teaching Online

Well, if you are thinking of joining a digital platform and teaching the students through that, you must have thought about the money that you can earn by teaching. Thinking about the salary is a normal process because it is important for the standard of living.

You must know that there are no exact figures for earning online because it depends on various factors. The salary depends on the hours you give to teach the students along with your qualifications. If you are not qualified enough and are given less time, your salary will be credited accordingly. 

Moreover, it also depends on the fact that you are experienced or fresher because experience is the required aspect in every field. Furthermore, you should acknowledge the most significant fact that the salary also depends on the subject and class you teach. 

Every subject is not the same as the class, so it largely depends on the subject and class how much money you earn. Well, the basis of teaching is your expertise in the field or subject. 

This is the reason that your earnings depend on your expertise in that particular subject. You should improve your online teaching skills to earn a sufficient amount in this profession. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Teaching 

Everything in this wide world has two different sides. Similarly, online teaching has its advantages as well as drawbacks. Undoubtedly, digital platforms have served as the greatest source of education, learning, and information to students during the pandemic period. It has been the only option for learning and development for children. Let’s see the benefits and drawbacks of digital teaching. 


We all will agree that online platforms have been working incredibly to let students learn at their pace and according to their capacity. The digital teaching environment is something where the teachers teach their students in a virtual environment by taking the help of virtual communication devices like zoom, Google meets, Team Viewer, Skype, Video Conferencing, etc. 

The best benefits of online teaching are flexibility, no geographical boundaries, cost-effectiveness, accessibility, no need for travelling, and more variety. The students can now learn with more variety of content available easily on multiple platforms and they don’t need to go anywhere. 

Everything is equally and conveniently accessible to all and the content is cheaper than any other form of learning. These advantages make this digital environment good for the growth of children. 


Well, if you have gone through the digital teaching advantages, you must have acknowledged that it is comparatively better than the other online jobs. Now, let’s have a look at some drawbacks. 

You should go through the policies and reviews of the online platform before you apply or start working with it. You must understand different technological aspects and must ensure reading or doing revision before teaching so that you can satisfy the students with your answers. 

You must have a good internet connection because an interrupted connection can ruin your complete session. You have to emphasize these drawbacks so that you combat them all and teach them perfectly to your students. 

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This platform is the best option for you. This is due to two reasons. The first reason is that it has multiple blogs related to your required topics and the second reason is that it offers an impeccable learning experience to the learners through personalized lectures conducted by experts. 

Let’s summarize what we have learned in the article above: there are multiple methods and platforms to teach and learn online. You should have the correct skills to start teaching on a well-known education platform. The generation has moved to the digital space due to the pandemic scenario. 

The websites have offered a lot of education and learning to the students along with flexibility, accessibility, and enhancement of knowledge. So, visit the website right now to make your way sparkling ahead. Let’s fetch the online teaching platforms in India along with the best online teaching platform in India. The best online teaching platforms for teachers in India and the online teaching platforms in India to earn money. Let us know about your doubts and questions in the comment box given below!