Do you think you have the ability to train other people or are you a woman who has a goal to become an excellent trainer? Test your skills by entering into India’s Best Communication Trainer Challenge held by eMaester. 

Communication trainers have dominated the abilities to encourage conversation, giving supportive input to other people, and introducing prepared content in a connecting way. An accomplished trainer can adjust preparing substance to meet the particular requirements of the student.

Rounds in the Competition

In this competition, everyone’s a winner. The participants need to show their skills to train the students while keeping an engagement with them.

The competition has 3 rounds. A fraction of participants will pass the rounds and ultimately win the competition by showing how they are better than the other participants

Round 1

The First Round is a Video Lecture Round. In this round, the participants need to submit a video of them giving a lecture on the specified topics. There will be a total of 1000 entries selected for this round and then they will be judged by our Discussion Panel on various aspects

Only 20 entries can reach Round 2 out of 1000 entries. So you need to prepare the lectures in a slyly concise and effective way. Always be engaged with your audience

Topics for Round 1

As mentioned above, you’ll need to make a video on any one of these following topics

·         How to “write” a speech that glues your audience to the seat

·         How to talk about yourself that brings out the special you

·         Teach a grammar concept without using the technical definitions and   keywords

You’ll have to make a goal to give the best lecture along with keeping the audience engaged in the theme of your lecture. Every topic has its own unique quality, so choose wisely based on your strength and knowledge about it

Round 2

20 out 1000 entries will go through this round. This round resembles a hand on encounter round. You will have to give an online individual class to a student. It will be a live one-on-one meeting with the student.

This round will examine your ability to perform live encounters with the student. Your behaviour, body language, fluency, engagement will be looked over by our judges. So are you a better trainer on the digital platform too? Prove yourself by registering for this challenge now

Round 3

This round is the battle royale round. The third and final round of the competition will only accept 4 entries that came out to be the best among all. These 4 horsemen can finally battle in a four-way and win this whole thing. Let the battle begin!

Yeah, you might’ve been wondering what the prizes are. Below is a section where you’ll get a detailed view of the prize pool.

Tempting Prizes are Waiting for You

There are four classes for prizes. That is the first, second, medallion and badge.

The primary prize is an astounding prize cash of INR 1,00,000. That is not all, the champ will get a job offer on the spot.

The subsequent prize is a prize cash of INR 50,000. Fortunately, the second place will also get a job offer on the spot.

Presently every finalist gets the medallion prize. They get a monetary reward of INR 5000 each and furthermore vouchers worth INR 15000 on eMaester programs.

Each amazing passage gets the badge grant. The identification grant is a voucher worth INR 5000 on eMaester Programs.

As referenced before, this opposition doesn’t lay accentuation simply on cash prize but also give an occasion for many participants to develop and improve their skills

Who can Participate?

There are only two conditions:

1.      The candidate has to be a woman

2.      The candidate has to be older than 25 years old

If you think you have the skill, enthusiasm and determination to become a great Communication Trainer, don’t waste your time and skills just like that. Show us what you’ve got, Register Now!

Event Dates

Since this is a multistage event, there are different dates for every level. The Grand Finale will be held on the special day of Republic Day

Round 1: 1st December to 10th January

Round 1 Results: 16th January 2021

Round 2 + Finals: 23rd January 2021 (same day)

Round 3 + Finals: 26th January 2021 (same day)

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If you think that you have what it takes to be a perfect trainer, why not take part in India’s Best Communication Trainer Challenge? You’ll meet challenges from all over the country with different cultures and styles. Don’t sit at home wasting your talent for nothing. Compete with the country’s best and get to learn a lot about what this competition has to offer.

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