A teacher is a blessing in everyone’s life. To be a teacher is never an easy task. Trainers are needed everywhere today. With this technology-based world, training has become an important aspect of growth. 

The number of teachers has not increased but the need of teachers has risen up by a huge margin.  Are you a female trainer, who is wondering if they have the skills to be a great trainer? Then prove your talent by entering into India’s best communication trainer challenge held by eMaester. 

What’s the Competition all About?

This competition is very special in its own way. Unlike other competitions, it is not just about the winner but also about the best of trainers who participate. 

The competition is very simple. Candidates need to show their ability to train students and the impact they can create.  This competition has three rounds. 

Each round is a qualification round to another. 

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Round 1

The first round is the Video Lecture round. Here the candidate needs to submit a video of them giving a lecture on the specified topics. 

There will be 1000 entries selected for this round and then they will be judged on various aspects. The lectures that are the most spellbinding will end up going to the next round. 

The next round consists of only 20 entries. So make sure you put your best foot forward in each round or else you will lose out. 

Round 1 Topics

As mentioned earlier, there are certain topics for the 1st round. You will need to make a video on any one of the following topics:

  • How to “write” a speech that glues your audience to the seat.
  • How to talk about yourself that brings out the special you.
  • Teach a grammar concept without using the technical definitions and keywords.

You will need to teach the students how to do a certain task. Your goal is to be able to give the best lecture and make sure it is very easy for everyone to understand, no matter the qualification level. 

Every topic is unique and has its own demerits and merits. Make sure to choose the best topic in regard to your strength and ability!

Round 2

20 of the best from 100 go through to this round. This round is like a hand on experience round. You will have to give an online personal class to a student. It will be a live one-on-one session with the student. 

This is to see your ability to train the student in the most efficient way possible. The world has become digital. Have you adapted to this? Find out by fighting with your A-game. 

Round 3 

 The penultimate round. This is the third and final round where only 4 candidates go through. The top 4 from 1000 candidates now battle it out. 

This round will involve taking a master class with actual students. Candidates will need to prove their best abilities. 

Now you know the format and you may wonder what about the prizes. Let’s check out the different prizes.

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There are four categories for prizes. That is the 1st, 2nd, medallion and badge. 

The first prize is a whopping prize money of INR 1,00,000. That’s not all, the winner will also get a job offer on the spot. 

The second prize is a prize money of INR 50,000. Luckily, the runner-up also gets a job offer on the spot. 

Now each finalist gets the medallion prize. They get a cash prize of INR 5000 each and also vouchers worth INR 15000 on eMaester programs. 

Every impressive entry receives the badge award. The badge award is a voucher worth INR 5000 on eMaester Programs. 

As mentioned earlier, this competition does not lay emphasis just on cash prize but also provides an opportunity for many candidates to grow and improve their skills. 

Who Can Participate?

If you are wondering who can participate, the conditions are just 2.  The candidate has to be a woman who is older than 25 years in age. If you meet these criteria, you are eligible for the competition no matter what. 

All it requires is a skill, passion and determination and if you have it, come show it at the best platform available. 


Since this a multistage event, there are different dates for every level.

The first round entries open on the 1st of December and close on the 10th of January. 

The round 1 results will be given on the 16th of January 2021. 

The round 2 and finals will happen on the same day, 23rd of January 2021. 

The round 3 and finals will also happen on the same day, 26th of January 2021. This also marks India’s Republic Day. 

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If you believe you have the skills to be an excellent trainer, why not showcase your talent at India’s best communication trainer challenge held by eMaester? 

Competitions are the best way to show your skill and also learn more. There are more experienced people out there, so even in failure, there is knowledge for everyone. 

Competitions like this are once in a lifetime opportunity, so grab onto your books and start recording today. Apply as soon as possible with your best foot forward. Wishing all the participants the best of luck!