Being a teacher is no easy job. Understanding a child’s mind and imparting knowledge to him requires training. Fortunately, UFaber’s Emastaer program exists to help you with this task.


Short training period-This program has a training period of 6 weeks only.

Enrollment with UFaber-After training with UFaber, you can become a part of its online faculty for various programs. You can impart coaching for IELTS and PTE programs. Both these exams have recognition as entrance exams for immigration and study visa approval to different countries.

You can also become a K12 trainer for various STEM(Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects. You can become a robotics trainer also. The best part is you can impart training as per these programs in an online mode. So, there is no need to go to the student’s place.

You can also help working professionals prepare for crucial entrance exams like UPSC. Becoming a UPSC trainer has great prospects because you impart training to students for different topics in Mains exam such as History, Polity, Geography, and Economics.There are students who need coaching for the IB curriculum and you can help them. 

Easy accessibility-To become a part of this Emastaer program, you are just required to be a graduate.

Training of corporates-If you wish to step out of the house as per your employment, then you can also impart training in an offline mode. You can work with corporates such as Tata, Mahindra, and DCB Bank. Teaching corporate communication skills and other concepts to these professionals can get you brand names on your resume. UFaber imparts offline training to corporates in 30 locations across India. So, you will have no paucity of employment opportunities as an offline trainer.

Content Development: Another great opportunity you can become a part of is Content Development. As per this, you can work in collaboration with the R&D team of this institute and develop further materials for new training projects.

You also training software installed on your system to manage the hordes of students.

So, you can opt for different teacher training programs such as the K-12 Stem Trainer program, English Language Trainer, and UPSC trainer.


This program can’t make you certified to teach in schools as a teacher.


This program can help tap the talent of housewives and supplement their incomes. This program is a great way for them to use the knowledge acquired during graduation. Since anybody with a graduation degree can apply for this program, there are many prospective students in India.


NIIT’s Nguru is a major threat to this program. It makes sure that they are able to clear the CTET(Central teacher eligibility test) exam which is mandatory to teach in any school nowadays from classes 1-8th. Teaching aspirants can get CTET training as per the CTET Advantage program at selected NIIT centers. This program is also taught online in different parts of the country. CTET Advantage was launched by NIIT in 2014. As per this program, students are given practice tests and mock tests to test their knowledge for this exam.

Teachers who take admission in this program are at an advantage over others in clearing the CTET exam. Its because they are taught with the help of multimedia aids. Also, the faculty teaching them has cleared the CTET and the prestigious NET exam meant for lecturers. There are also query resolving sessions held for such teachers.

Apart from making the teachers equipped to clear this entrance test, it makes them well versed with technology. They are easily able to apply their newly gained knowledge of Information and Communications Technology(ICT) to make students learn in a novel way. More and more schools are now adopting NITT Nguru systems of teaching to make students imbibe knowledge in a fun way.