The teaching industry has seen its first transformation as the number of internet teaching platforms has increased. The education industry is shifting from offline to online, and speedier internet and regional flexibility have made online teaching an exciting concept for educators across India to consider.

Home teachers are considered for practically all levels of a child’s education in this country. Education as a career has gained a new dimension because of online teaching platforms. Let’s take a look at the online teaching courses by eMaester.

Online Teaching Courses by Emaester

Is Emaester Really Good? Over 2 lakhs of online classes have been held by eMaester around the world. Whenever there has been a need, eMaester has met it with zeal and numbers. 

eMaester has grown to a family of over 1,200 certified trainers with the ideal work-life balance. It also hosts free webinars to provide interested students with the opportunity to learn more about the programme. 

Students can also communicate with their peers, current eMaester students, and the head tutor. If you don’t believe us, you can go check out the Emaester reviews available on google.

Check out these Emaester courses below to get a picture of eMaester credibility:

Diploma in Teaching for IELTS and PTE

As the number of people pursuing further education abroad develops, IELTS has become one of the most popular English language assessment exams taken by study abroad applicants.

You will master leading your pupils through their IELTS test as an IELTS & PTE teacher using our teaching materials, which include practice exercises, relevant training courses, and beneficial IELTS teaching ideas. Classroom activities, teaching materials, and assessment guidance are all available to help you and your students succeed on the IELTS.

Diploma in Soft Skills & Business Communication Training

The importance of soft skills for interpersonal, professional, and life achievement is widely recognised. In the domain of soft skills and business communications training, FluentLife is a very popular name. We offer Soft Skills Training courses with our highly skilled mentors who can help you advertise and expand your Soft Skills Training company.

Diploma in Teaching for UPSC & Govt Job Exams

This course will equip you to be among India’s most sought-after teaching assistants for the “Civil Services Exam,” the country’s most significant exam. To guarantee that your pupils have a high rate of success, you will undergo training in subject content, strategy, evaluation, effective evaluation sharing, and improvement tracking.

Diploma in Teaching Communication Skills to Kids

The curriculum is designed to teach children aged 7 to 14 competent speaking, reading, and writing techniques. You’ll learn how to assist a child in developing higher cognitive skills. Our curriculum provides you with a structured framework for building a strong academic and future success foundation.

Diploma in Teaching Phonics to Kids

With this particular training, you can become a phonics instructor. The principles of phonics and how to deliver the phonics course to kids aged 4 to 7 are covered in this phonics training class. 

The instruction focuses on two main points: enhancing the trainer’s speech and teaching students how to properly speak and read. This training gives essential insights while also educating instructors with the full range of phonics knowledge, talents, and understandings required to run the curriculum for the kid’s optimal reading and writing development.

Diploma in STEM Teaching to Kids

The development of a new generation of leaders, technologists, architects, and mathematicians requires effective STEM trainers. This course aims to equip instructors with project-based learning methods and the art of directing Socratic dialogues in order to encourage children aged 7 to 14 to become interested in STEM.Diploma in Study Abroad Consulting

The program’s purpose is to prepare world-class career counsellors. Counsellors would gladly help students achieve academic and professional achievement by referring them to the best universities/ colleges and academic facilities throughout the globe. This course will also acquaint the counsellor with the execution of university applications and the maintenance of documents in university and national forms.

Certification in SOP & LOR writing for Study Abroad

This tool is intended to assist trainers and professors in creating a range of customised Letters of Recommendation and SOPs for individuals based on their academic credentials, professional work experience, and learning objectives from diverse life experiences. 

Instructors and tutors would not only be able to produce SOPs, Letters of Recommendation, and CVs, but they will also know how to develop 100% unique, plagiarism-free content from the beginning.

How to Become an Online Teacher?

Let us not define qualification solely in terms of an academic degree. Qualification, in a larger sense, refers to your level of expertise and teaching abilities. In general, there are no strict qualifying requirements to meet in order to be considered for any tutoring positions. 

However, it would be imprudent to overlook other necessary requirements such as a uni degree.

Subject Proficiency

The most obvious requirement for becoming a topic teacher is to have it. You must have a thorough understanding of fundamental principles as well as extensive knowledge of the subjects you will be teaching. For example, if you want to be an English teacher, you’ll need to be fluent in the language, which you can only do if you’ve studied it.

Moreover, if you want to be a mathematics tutor and teach a CBSE class 11 student, you need to have completed class 12 and be well-versed in the subject. To put it another way, your education level must be equal to or higher than the tutees. 

Despite the fact that there is rarely a dedicated degree programme for tutors, you can still seize opportunities programmes in the disciplines you want to teach.

Work Experience

If you have no prior teaching experience, you will develop it while tutoring, and this will necessitate patience in order to establish a solid foundation in the teaching platform.

However, if you’ve been teaching for a long time, tutees are inclined to refer you to others. Experienced tutors are preferred in tutoring, just as they are in all other occupations. 

Furthermore, after only a few years of teaching, you will be familiar with subjects, their syllabus structure, time distribution for each section, and general knowledge of students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Board-Specific Knowledge

What distinguishes a tutor from a traditional school teacher? The fact that he or she is aware of and adaptable to the differences between various boards. Despite the fact that the overall content is the same, there are changes in the curriculum and level of difficulty between school boards. 

Tutors with experience instructing children from a specific board are preferred by Indian parents. As a result, you should educate students from various boards, including CBSE, ICSE, and state boards. This approach will also enable you to attract more tutees and so make money.

Qualifications Required to Become an Online Tutor In India

There are two types of online tutoring positions. First, there are some who provide tutoring sessions over the internet utilising video lectures, e-books, and other methods. Then there are online tutors who pupils can contact directly or through the website.

Online Tutoring

The increase in the number of internet users in India makes it easier for instructors to teach online, even in distant locations where a good elementary school and comprehensive education are still a dream. There are several tutoring companies that offer online education and classes to pupils of different levels.

Offline Tutoring

Unlike the informal or offline teaching sector, however, these organisations will demand certain credentials before employing, some of which may include background checks. On the plus side, most of these businesses pay a set wage and overtime compensation.

The next thing you’ll need is some experience working from home online. Even though the school will most likely prepare you for the same, having a basic understanding is always beneficial. Except for the above differences, everything about online tutoring jobs is the same.

Is Online Teaching a Potential Income Source?

As the need for online learning grows, so do the number of opportunities to teach online and earn income, but the amount of people registering for this freelancing option is rather low. Apart from the possibility of earning a respectable living, online teaching also provides opportunities for learning.

Best Online Teaching Jobs in India


Vedantu is a well-known online teaching website in India that teaches subjects to students in classes 6 to 12. It’s a live training platform, which means you’ll be instructing pupils through a webcam. They have built-in video conferencing, whiteboard animation, and many other features.


Meritnation is identical to Vedantu in that it allows you to teach courses from 1st to 12th grade in a live training programme. Another distinction is that, unlike Vedantu, you cannot set your own teaching fee. You are paid at a rate of Rs 600 per hour. Regardless, even though it is a larger sum, it is not a significant backdrop.


When compared to earlier websites, Chegg is unique. You are not required to provide any video lechers or to generate any subject-related resources. This is a platform where students can ask questions and express their doubts. You must write a response to those questions and publish it within a certain amount of time. Every correct answer will earn you money.


In India, private tuition is still predominantly a component of the unorganised economy. There are no substantial rules and regulations directing and formulating this field, except for general laws. 

Nonetheless, internet tutoring positions are more structured in certain ways. You must choose an online service in any business if you want a proper wage, job stability, provident fund, and all other perks that an individual working in a company receives.