Starting a career as an online tutor is an excellent method to enter the education profession while also allowing you to work from home. Working from home may be quite useful for tutors since it allows them to reach individuals in practically any region of the world and share their knowledge with any learner who is curious to learn more about a given subject. 

If you wish to work as a teacher and believe that remote work would be appropriate for you, you should try becoming an online teacher. Read on to learn about the qualification needed to be an online tutor.

Qualification Needed to Be an Online Tutor

No, you do not need to meet any standard qualification requirements. Even though you do not have a professional qualification in that topic, you can enrol as a subject teacher.

Best Online Teaching Platforms in India


A profession as an eMaester will almost certainly offer the trainer a consistent monthly income. The tutor can teach more and earn more simply by staying home! Tutors are paid on an hourly basis, with an hourly fee of around Rs. 150. A trainer could earn Rs. 30,000 to 40,000 if they offer 4 to 5 hours per day.

This curriculum offers pupils a job opportunity as soon as they complete the course. They will be able to help a huge number of pupils while also earning a living from the comfort of home as uFaber instructors.

If you are seeking a good teaching career, eMaester has a variety of positions available in each category, so you may choose the one that best suits your skills.


Byju’s is an ideal online teaching portal in India, known for its high-tech education. It always aims to make the learning experience as simple as possible for the students that use this platform.

Byju’s offers extensive e-learning programmes ranging from Class 1 to Class 12 as well as competitive exams such as NEET, JEE, UPSC, CAT, and others. It strives to educate the next generation by providing a thorough comprehension of each idea, allowing students to think outside the box and develop answers in the future.


Unacademy is yet another rapidly developing e-learning network, as well as one of the top online teaching systems for teachers. They teach students using high-resolution movies to make learning sessions enjoyable and participatory. 

They offer online classes for students in grades 6 through 12 as well as those preparing for competitive examinations such as IIT JEE, Gate, NEET, UPSC, and bank exams.

If you enjoy teaching and want to share your knowledge with others, this is the platform for you. To get employed as a tutor, you must first register with the website and then go through the recruiting process.

Important Online Teaching Skills

# Knowledge of teaching pedagogy

# Ability to write curriculum materials

# Time management

# Leadership

# Positive thinking

# Compassion

# Patience

# Active listening

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How to Become an Online Tutor?

Research The Requirements

The training and education standards for tutors vary based on the subject you wish to teach and where you live. Most online teachers must be experts in the topic they wish to teach. 

Some online tutors may pursue a bachelor’s degree in their field of study, but there may also be options to prepare for work as a tutor via tutor training, many of which are available online.

Choose a Subject

One of the most significant aspects of being an online instructor is deciding what subject you want to assist students to understand. This is because most online tutors have expertise in one or two courses and exclusively teach pupils in those areas of study. Consider the sorts of pupils you wish to help and the subjects they would want to understand better.

Write The Curriculum

This phase is optional for online tutors who wish to work for established tutoring organisations, but it might be advantageous because some tutoring companies need their instructors to create their own curricula. Nevertheless, for online tutors who wish to start their own tutoring company, this stage is critical in ensuring that they have appealing resources that may help students learn effectively. 

Writing the syllabus for a teaching course may entail creating a variety of resources, such as video lectures, textual worksheets and handouts, and interactive evaluations and examinations.

Find or Create an Online Platform

This is another stage that online teachers who want to work at established tutoring organisations may skip, as most tutoring companies need their tutors to utilise the same platform in order to ensure consistency. 

This may be another important step for online instructors who wish to create their own businesses in order to make their business accessible and easy to utilise for any student who chooses to learn from them.

Start Taking on Students

You may begin looking for students to teach after you have your learning resources and a digital platform to deliver them on. You may locate students by posting on websites that provide tutoring service ads and on social media platforms where individuals can promote your company with others they know. 

If you want to work for an existing tutoring company, you may start by applying to firms you already know about or conducting web research to identify companies that would value your skillset and history.


Online tutoring provides students and teachers with flexibility that in-person tutoring can not always provide. In this piece, we’ll look at the qualifications you’ll need to instruct online, as well as the best free platforms to utilise, how to price your services, and how to advertise your online tutoring company. As our lives get more hectic, the need for flexible instruction that may take place anywhere is increasing.

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