With Globalization taking over the whole world, most businesses and offices prefer employees who can understand and talk fluently in the English language.
In fact, in many places like China, the Middle East etc., where earlier not much emphasis was placed on the English language, they have started placing key focus on educating their people in the English medium.
Online Certification VS Classroom Certification
Online Certification courses such as the ones offered by eMaester are ideal for the working women, like you, who do not have the time to fit in to go and actually enroll in a full-time classroom certification. That’s why online certification is the best option for you to take up as you can have the convenience of scheduling your online classroom training sessions with your online certified instructor at a time of your convenience.
We take pride in saying that we have more than 1000 proud emaesters spread over 33 cities and 5 countries. They also are from different backgrounds, some were working but wanted to learn something new, some wanted to work from home to support their family better, some were wives of transferable job holders and they just wanted to have a steady work to do from home as English language tutors.
So whether you are a working woman or a housewife, and want to brush up your English communication skills, then don’t worry because eMaester is here to help you.
EMaester’s English Communication Skill Coach
This course goes beyond just Grammar and goes into a much deeper and detailed understanding of English, you will get specialized training with highly skilled trainers who take a keen interest in their students to provide them with the best of English language learning.
You will learn to develop a deep understanding of English and communication concepts, English comprehension, articulation and fluently speak the language.
The course will help you learn to diagnose and profile students and make the curriculum to maximize outcome and also develop new content. You will be taught how to become a highly effective Online English language trainer.
So let me tell you exactly what you get to learn through our online certification programme: you get 30 hours of one-on-one online specialized English training with a senior English and communications trainer, and you will get a guaranteed job as an online English tutor upon completion of your training!