It truly is the Internet age, as many students and working professionals are seeking online certification either to add an additional set of skills to their resume or get a specialization in their area of interest. Online educational courses can enlighten, transform and help an individual progress, but it is very important to do your homework before enrolling into any such courses so that you don’t get exploited of both your time and money.
Millennials driving the Online Certification numbers
Millennials who have gained from such online courses say that they found it quite a daunting task to search for a reliable online program as they cannot ascertain the intention of the strangers coming towards them.
There have been multiple cases of students and professionals being duped by tempting courses promising effortless & quick certifications leaving them with no valid credentials and a hole in their pocket in the end. While anyone may become a victim to these online certification scams, young college students and international students are more vulnerable.
How to make sure it’s not a Scam
Even though there are no sure shot ways to judge whether an online certification programme is valid or not, you may be able to ascertain if it is a scam by keeping these following points in mind:
1) If the certification requires a large sum of money in a short span of time, run away as fast as you can. The red flag is right there because even the most valid programs ask you to pay only for the courses you are taking that semester.
2) If the marketing people of the course just won’t leave you alone, that’s when you need to tell them that you need time to think. If they are pressurizing you to enroll, get that something is fishy. Don’t give in to pressure no matter what.
3)If earning this certification seems too easy and fast, it is a warning flag right there. No legitimate organization is going to grant you a valid certification without you investing time and effort in it. You need to earn a certain number of credits to get the certification.
4) If the only address available is an e-mail address, it is most probably a scam. The institution must provide a business or campus address.
5) If the name of the institution or certification matches a similar famous certification then you may want to recheck the credibility of the certification. A few websites even make-up credentials & faculty names students need to be careful.
6)If you can find no student services on the website like advising services, tech support or chat with faculty members, the course may possibly be a scam.
7) If the accreditation of the institution offering certification seems suspicious then you must check it from a reliable or government organization that recognizes such institutions.
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