Women have that indomitable spirit about them that come no matter what they will not be put down and helping them stand up for themselves and get their rightful due is Women’s Synergy.
They are helping to create a common platform for women from all walks of life, irrespective of their educational, socio-economic, cultural or other backgrounds.  Here, women are encouraged to dream and fuel their own growth and development. Their main focus and target are on financially unsound and circumstantially challenged women.

eMaester and Women Synergy Partnership

eMaester has been providing women opportunities to learn English certification courses online without leaving the comfort of their sweet homes. Women who are financially and circumstantially challenged are given a good opportunity by eMaester to train and become a certified English communications skills coach or an IELTS and PTE specialist. eMaester has partnered with Women Synergy to offer these two courses to the women who are part of Women’s Synergy so that they can also be benefitted by it. These women can learn and become English Language trainers without having to leave their homes, thereby providing them with great opportunities to learn, earn and take complete control of their lives which is the basic motto at Women Synergy.

eMaester’s Online English Certification courses

eMaester offers online certification courses to become an IELTS and PTE specialist or an English communication skill coach, both these are offered at a rate of 20,000/- and 18,000/- respectively. These courses are generally carried out in two steps with the first being the written examination and then the interview after which you can become an IELTSNINJA or an English communication skill coach. The success stories of eMaester are spread across the world in over 15 countries with more than 100s of women becoming certified trainers through eMaester without leaving their homes.

English Communication Skill Coach

The course is aimed to improve the communication skills of students as a trainer and deliver the inspiring training sessions. In a duration of 5 weeks, you can master strategies to upgrade skills in an 18hr session of one of one class with a senior English communications trainer along with access to high-quality content.

IELTS and PTE Specialist Training

IELTS and PTE specialist training programme is a specialized course to train you to become a highly specialized world-class trainer for IELTS and PTE and help you get confirmed earning opportunities from IELTS NINJA.