You are a hard worker at your frim but lately, your career progression seems to be slowing down? You have been eyeing a promotion, but you don’t know how well you have performed better than your colleagues. Do you want to stand out? Do you want to seize that promotion before your colleagues?  Well, there’s excellent news. You can!
No matter how much you’ve accomplished in the past year, there are still practical steps you can take to make an impact and impress your boss. But do realize that there is no easy fix, and making your effort count will take an unwavering commitment.
Once you implement the following, your boss and colleagues will notice that you’re making a significant impact. Once they notice your progress the promotion is on your way.

1.  Be valuable/Indispensable:  

Be a valuable part of the team, be it adding new elements to the project or becoming the clients’ go-to person, showcase your skills wherever you can in a useful way. Work both hard and smart. Be the guy who people come to when they face a problem. This will happen when they know your skill set and can trust you to solve their problem. Document your success, don’t brag about it be humble, let people know what you’re doing show them that you are making a difference in the work you do.

2. Work more efficiently: 

“If you say yes too much, your performance will drop,” says Larry Myler, business strategist and author of Indispensable by Monday: Learn the Profit-Producing Behaviors That Will Help Your Company and Yourself. doing a lot of projects will bring your productivity down. Keep your aim clear, work for projects which suit your skills and where you can kill it. Keep your goals simple don’t complicate it by taking up too much work.

3.  Stick out: 

You can as hard as you want but if your work doesn’t stick out of the pack your promotion will take forever. Stick out for good reasons, reasons that make you eligible for a promotion.
Speak up and show your knowledge in staff meetings. If you’re an introvert, prepare in advance of meetings so that you can speak up and give suggestions. Be aware of the opportunities where your skills and talents can be showcased.
Build a relationship with your boss by checking in from time to time, giving suggestions on important projects, asking for advice, or sending an email when an important milestone is completed.

4. Know the past to shape your future: 

Situational awareness is important when you want to get promoted. Find the common personality traits, habits, and achievements of all who were promoted in the past couple of years. You will get clear indications of what you need to do.
For example, some bosses promote employees who socialize and attend all the office parties. In such a case, even if you’re an introvert, make an effort to socialize. Some bosses want employees to be team players, so in this case, always be willing to help when working on a team project.

5. Ask your boss for feedback:

Seek clarity. Present this information in writing and ask your boss what it would take for you to get the promotion. This approach also works when you want to ask for a raise. Ask for a very specific answer and then simply do what they say to boost your chances of getting the promotion.
Asking directly helps in many ways. It makes things much simpler, shows your boss that you’re serious about your work, and gets you noticed.

Employ these strategies to secure a strong foothold in this shaky economy. When the opportunities for getting promoted start to solidify, you could be the first in line to move up. Remember, your efforts should reflect a mastery of your current role. Only then can you expect to survive in the role you’re given after promotion. So now that you know what to do, it’s time to act! Start with these steps and soon you’ll reach your goal. Remember, nothing works unless you do.