Being an online tutor is a blooming career with many opportunities. It’s the best option you can pursue to have a fulfilling career as you’re working from home at your own comfort. 

  1. Be proactive, strictly plan your online lectures

Being an online tutor is all about teaching effectively with strategy and dynamics. Plan your modules, division of chapters, tests, demonstrations, scores way before you start your teaching. While giving the lecture, be proactive and ask rhetoric questions to keep the students engaged. 

  1. Track your student’s progress regularly

What’s the point of teaching well if you cannot determine that in stats or numbers? Keep a specific tangible way in which you can track your students progress and even share it with the student and their parents so that everyone is on the same page. Reward him or appreciate him if he’s shown constant progress and think of different perspectives in teaching if he is failing to show much progress. 

  1. Make some rules for yourself and the student 

Before you begin your teaching sessions, make some ground rules for yourself and the student. How will you solve the test? When can be the last date for submission?  What are the flexibilities that you will allow? Which is the perfect time for you to teach? Etc. These rules will help the student to get clarity on your way of teaching and even instill a sense of discipline in you. 

  1. Combine theory and practice

As the famous quote by Confucius goes- I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand; it is crucial that you combine theory and practice in your teaching methodologies. Give them some tasks as homework and discuss how they solved it or what problems did they face in your next session. It makes teaching more interesting and effective. 

  1. Regular follow ups with the student 

Online education is a two-way process. Ensure that your communication flows easily and you regularly follow up with your student to avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunication. The student can be a bit hesitant sometimes and therefore it is essential for you to build a rapport with him and be empathetic towards him.  

Use these tips and methodology to take your online teaching career a notch higher. Enrol with Ufaber’s EMaester wherein you will be taught everything that would need to kickstart your online teaching career with 100% job guarantee. Now manage your home and work, more effectively than you can imagine! What more could one ask for, right?