We’re sure that you’ve heard some career guru explain the fact that you need to sell yourself in a job interview. But in the race where everyone is trying to sell themselves, how do you stand out? What are those simple tricks that can be used while giving an Interview that makes you memorable and unique? How do you impress the interviewer? How to nail a job interview? In this article, we will be going through 4 different tips that’ll teach you how to nail a job interview.

1) Do Your Homework:

Research the company before you head into your interview. There’s a reason this advice is given so often- Studies show that more than 45% of hiring managers will pass on job candidates who don’t have enough knowledge of the company. Lack of knowledge about the company indicates a lack of interest. Why would a company hire someone who isn’t aware of the company’s background, clients or partners? Spend an hour or so guessing which questions they may ask you about the organization itself and writing down these answers, so you have them at the tip of your tongue.

If you want to check out sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn to get a feel for the employee environment and job description. They tell stories about the company that other websites don’t.

2) Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses:

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important for an interview. The interviewer will be very interested in the way you present them to him/her. S/He will judge you on your knowledge about your own self. Before the interview, you can list your strengths and weaknesses and frame a suitable and flexible answer for the same. If someone asks for an area of improvement (i.e. a weakness) they don’t want to hear that you’re a perfectionist or you work too hard. Those are your strengths, you need to be clear about your strengths and weaknesses as the interviewer will make the decision based on these factors.
PS: Be honest with your interviewer.

3) Pre-empt Questions and Have Your Answers Ready: 

It’s an interview, you’re going to be asked questions, a lot of questions.  These questions are opportunities for you to showcase yourself. Work out what it is you want the interviewer to know and give the interviewer that. They’ve already seen your resume. Now it’s key to show them what your resume can’t- your personality. Tell them what inspired you to get into this line of work. Tell them your stories, your reasons to study this field and to work for it. Share your skills. If you can come in with a list of skills that match the company’s needs then you’ve won half the battle.

4) Follow Up: –

If you want to remember, follow up with your interviewer. Sending an email thanking them for their time and expressing your interest keeps you in their mind gives you an opportunity to reiterate things one more time. Remember, if you’re going for a great job, the interviewer is probably combing through a multitude of resumes and interviewing a ton of candidates. Make yourself memorable. Make yourself count. 

These 4 things will make you stand out and separate you from the countless interviewees.

Job interviews are nerve-wracking, especially if you really want the job! Now you have the tools to be the best interviewee possible. Do you feel ready for your next job interview?

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