Online Coaching Dominates the JEE, NEET, UPSC,  IELTS and TOEFL Markets

Cracking a competitive exam is no easy feat. We usually look for the best coaching we can get, and most institutes charge a hefty sum for the knowledge and preparation they provide. They teach us subjects in a pattern similar to that followed in school, taking in around the same number of students too. The classes are sometimes boring or based on things we already know but we’re forced to attend them. The time we spend on such classes can often be more effectively spent brushing up our concepts on our own because attending coaching classes usually leaves us with virtually no time to spare.

However, with the advent of technology and the miracle that is the internet, learning has become a lot easier than before. We are saved the effort and time of going physically to our coaching centres by online coaching classes. Many websites offer online courses as well as video tutorials in a variety of fields. Thanks to the internet, the teaching-learning exercise can happen even between two people from different corners of the world. However, the idea of online coaching does face apprehension, maybe because the ‘personal touch’ that physical coaching provides is allegedly missing.

Here are a few advantages of online coaching, which make it a much better option than offline coaching:



Online coaching can be availed at any time, from anywhere. This is probably one of the biggest advantages of online coaching. With online coaching, the time and place of both teaching and learning can be decided by the end consumer and the service provider. You can take the class at your convenience, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice on your study time. Instead, you can decide the time you take the class based on your day’s schedule, a freedom you wouldn’t get with offline coaching. This kind of coaching is especially useful for working professionals or people with family responsibilities as the class timings are not fixed. Most online coaching websites also allow you to record and revisit the video lectures, which is always helpful for revision.


You can take offline classes from the comfort of your home, which saves you a lot of time which would otherwise be spent in commuting to class. A classroom atmosphere is also often sleep-inducing and not the most comfortable. The distractions at a place you pick are also likely to be less, with no classmates to shift your focus from your studies.


The fees incurred through online coaching are usually much lower than those for offline classes. Also, you save on travel costs, books and other miscellaneous costs you’re sure to painstakingly bear at an offline coaching centre. Most websites providing coaching also give an abundance of study material, things you would otherwise have to pay a lot of money for. Also, online coaching websites offer attractive packages and often provide discounts to make your learning experience affordable as ever.

Performance Analysis

This is one of the best things about online classes. Offline classes check tests and analyse tests manually, and this is not done very regularly. Online analysis, on the other hand, is automatic and much simpler. Most portals have assessments and quizzes after every unit or video lecture, keeping your performance in check at all times. They also allow you to take more mock tests and assessments than offline coaching centres.  This has the ability to significantly improve your performance.