About Sangeeta

Sangeeta Sharma has always been passionate about teaching and learning. It is one of the main reasons why she chose it as a profession. Her experience with online teaching has been very nice so far: “I am enjoying the process of teaching and interacting with many new people. I have been into teaching for 15 years now, but eMaester has come to me as a boon in disguise because I clicked on their link while I was going through one of social media account and rest all fell into the right place at right time.”

How does it feel to be an eMaester?

Her family is also very proud of her because eMaester not only gave her a platform but also allowed her to become more technology-friendly.

Sangeetha regards every class as a testing moment in one way or the other as she has to deal with students from various fields. It makes the job more interesting and challenging. Speaking of funny moments she shared that almost every student is initially dumbstruck when she uses the whiteboard on zoom for teaching!

This is a great thing about eMaester , that you can always have the freedom to be yourself and teach in your original style.

“Though teaching is my passion, the content of Ufaber has only enhanced my talent for teaching. It has not only build a sense of independence but also made me more confident as an individual.”

Students are definitely the most important part of online teaching. As the course draws to a close, some renew the course, some feel really sad as the course comes to an end and there are some others who are happy that their course is ending. Sangeetha says that she gets every type of reaction.

Advice to future eMaesters

To the future trainers, she would like to say: “It is a very good opportunity to utilize your free time efficiently. The staffs are all very friendly and supportive.”