About Liji

Liji Sijish is a B. Ed holder along with a Masters in English literature. As such her passion for teaching English is quite natural. She chose eMaester because working from home was something that she needed in her life.

“Being a young mother, I needed a job with flexible timing. Now my home is my office and I could manage well between the household responsibilities and career growth.”

How does it feel to be an eMaester?

In the field of online teaching, feedbacks are crucial for both the trainer and the trainee. Some of Liji’s best moments are when students recognize her hard work and share their honest feedback while testing moments are those when she has to deal with adamant/argumentative students who are habituated much with their attitude.

Students, no matter how grown up they are, always feel secured about their career when they are connected with the teacher. “Being a master trainer, I had found my Emaester students acting like kids who are left alone abruptly, though I continuously extend my support to them.” eMaester provides a sense of independence to all the trainers because they feel they can work their way out without anybody interrupting their natural flow. This is something that not every company can provide.

Advice to future eMaesters

Liji’s message to her colleagues and future trainers is: “Working with people or teaching students from various walks of life is indeed the best fun element with Ufaber, don’t miss it! Thanks to the founder and all people who are a part of Ufaber team for providing me such an astonishing opportunity”.