About Raktima

Raktima Ghosh worked in a reputed MNC for almost 8 years. But the work schedule was hectic and she was not able to give enough time to her child. “When I got to know about Ufaber, I immediately decided to join. I completed my Emaester certification and joined soon. Now I can balance my work and also spend a good amount of time with my child.”

How does it feel to be an eMaester?

In many ways, teaching is also a learning process. With eMaester, the trainers learn a lot from their students. This is the main reason why a teacher-student bond is so special. “I remember a student who came from a very conservative background. She wanted to be independent and somehow managed to join online classes and worked very hard to learn English. Today she can speak well and is confident about herself. It is indeed the best kind of feeling for a teacher.”

eMaester also makes one feel independent as there is a chance where you can work from home, earn and at the same time, spread knowledge, help students learn and become more confident. The best thing a trainer can do is create a bond with the student by understanding their needs and help them learn.

“Teaching students from various places helps me know about their cultures, their places, and their background. I love listening to their stories and share some of my stories with them too. I enjoy working online, as even after leaving my MNC job I am doing quite well with Ufaber.”

Advice to future eMaesters

To the future trainers and her colleagues, Raktima’s message is: “Be friendly and make your classes fun, so that your students enjoy classes with you.”