About Rajpreet

Rajpreet Kaur Bajwa joined eMaester because she thinks teaching is the only profession that offers endless opportunities to learn. “It has been wonderful. It has served as a platform to connect with students from different backgrounds and cultures, nationally and internationally.”

How does it feel to be an eMaester?

Rajpreet was looking for a part-time job in addition to her school teaching. That is when she came across ufaber and rest is history!

She saw a handful of positive changes after she started working from home: “I need not have to remain out till late evening. Perks are such that my expenses get managed smoothly and that too at the comfort of home!”

For most of our eMaesters, their families are very supportive, although they occasionally crack a joke or two about being online for so long, it was different in Rajpreet’s case. Her parents live in the US. For them, online teaching is not something new and they were happy to know that it has now been introduced in India as well.

A teacher always feels great when her trainee achieves a good result. The best moment for Rajpreet has been when her first student scored 7778 in IELTS.

She shared a student anecdote with us: “I remember a student getting rude to me for scoring 6.5 in writing. I asked him to go for revaluation and it increased to 7.5. The very same student then came up with best wishes and gratitude.”

When the course is about to get over, it is always an emotional moment for both the student and the teacher. However, both sides leave with plenty of knowledge and even more happy memories.

A skill like teaching online and with such extensive content knowledge naturally gives everyone a sense of independence. It helps to conduct classes all by yourself and that too confidently.

Advice to future eMaesters

To her colleagues and future trainers, Rajpreet’s message is: “You will never regret your decision joining Ufaber.”