About Poulami

I chose to teach as a profession because of my passion. You witness daily “lightbulb” moments when students finally understand and master a skill. It challenges you intellectually, creatively, and emotionally to be the best you can be. Lastly, this makes you an expert at behaviour management and time management.

How does it feel to be an eMaester?

It’s been a beautiful journey. I have learned a lot not only from fellow colleagues but also from the wonderful students I coached to date.

I decided a year and a half back.  I was keen on getting an opportunity where I can manage both my work and home. When I got a call from Ufaber I visited their office and that gave me the boost.

Nothing much has changed in the family, except that now I can spend much more time with my family.

Teaching students from different backgrounds and understanding levels challenged me the most (some really quick in understanding whereas some take more than a session to understand the concepts). The entire journey is memorable as each and every person is unique in their own ways.

I have tonnes of stories to share.  Some stories are motivating and some silly.  Every student brings with them a memorable story for themselves and me. Most of them are happy as they feel that this makes them a step closer to achieving their dreams.

A skill like teaching online and with such extensive content knowledge gives confidence, that working flexibly can also help to achieve financial stability.

Advice to the future mentors

I just have one message for all out there, this platform can help by giving you wings to fly, so fly till you reach the zenith. It’s just not the money you earn it’s the respect and love that keeps you going!  Cheers!