About Nishitha

I chose to teach as a profession because I wanted to be a mentor. My experience with online teaching has been quite good, so far. The flexible timing gives me time to look after other things as well.

What does it feel to be an eMaester?

I decided to join eMaester, because I had just quit my job at an IT company due to the trouble of commuting every day to the office. It was then I heard about eMaester and gave it a try.

Since I started working from home, I get to spend more time with my family also I can have time for myself. This is a huge relief!

Sometimes family makes harmless fun of me being on a zoom call all the time because they expect me to finish my work and give them equal time.

I think every teacher has their share of best and testing moments. My best moments are with the students, who are understanding and also punctual and the testing ones are when the students are rude and irregular which would impact both my work life also financial balance.

One of my students did not have much time for her exams but wanted to complete the course with practice. This made me spend 3 hours every day only with that particular student and all the efforts did come off well when the student received her desired band score!

When the course is about to get over students get really sad that the course is over also happy that they are confident and well prepared for the exams.

Teaching online with such extensive content knowledge has given me a sense of independence, self-satisfaction, happiness and a way to live life easily.

Advice to the future mentors

My message to the future trainers and my colleagues would be: Never feel disappointed with students who are rude. Instead, be happy that you have made yourself to reach this position and never let things make you feel low.