About Lakshmi

My admiration towards my teachers fueled my passion for teaching right from a young age.  Moreover, I love interacting with people and sharing knowledge.

How does it feel to be an eMaester?

My overall experience with online teaching been wonderful! Apart from being a time-saving method, it has immensely helped to upgrade me with technology, especially incorporating Zoom as a medium of the teaching process.

It was around 2016, when I was searching for a decent work-from-home opportunity that suits my forte, I came across an ad on one of the social media. As it was related to training for English and exam preparation, I thought of giving a chance.

Not much has changed in the house since I started working from home, as I was already a Stay-at-Home mom before joining EMaester. The thing that has changed is household chores being put on fast-track.

Initially, my family made harmless fun of me being on a zoom call all the time but now, as the family members are aware that it is online training and also, I take the classes in a different room, the issue has settled down.

One of the best moments, I would say, is when the students confide in me and offer compliments for my mentorship. The testing moments would be the one when I can’t help the struggling students beyond the time limit of the course.

There were a couple of students (one of them being my first) who, not only during the training but also after their results, said that their parents are blessing me for my efforts. It left me overwhelmed.

When the course is about to get over, my students and I feel a slight disappointment, because after spending so much time together, we all develop a bond that is beyond the student-mentor relationship.

Having a skill like teaching online and with such extensive content knowledge would give anyone a sense of independence.

Advice to the future eMaesters

My message to the future trainers would be: Be devoted and honest with what you are doing. The profession itself is noble. Everyone takes up a profession to earn, but try to be different from the herd with your dedication and knowledge. Challenges are always there, don’t give up. That is the way you grow. Another aspect to be kept in mind is SHARING IS CARING. You may come across some co-mentors who may be struggling; share your knowledge with them. You would feel happier.