Why eMaester?

I had completed my graduation and was looking for a way to earn a good salary but also manage my family commitments. Luckily, I found eMaester, which is the perfect job for my requirements!

Life as an eMaester

My life is amazing; I can earn a fancy amount of salary without even going out of my house.
My family is very happy as well because I am able to manage my family and work together.
eMaester has turned out to be the best job for me – it’s work from home, I always get my salary on time, my students appreciate the good work we do and I can earn additional money, apart from my salary for testimonials and referrals!

The Student Connect

Though I am an online teacher, I feel like I am taking classes face to face. Skype is a very useful part of our classes. When a student gets their desired band, they really appreciate the hard work we trainers do. That makes me feel very proud and I feel like I’m making a difference in someone’s life!

Teaching Students from Varied Backgrounds

Contrary to what one would think, it is actually really easy to manage the students who come from different backgrounds. The IELTSNinja student-teacher portal makes the process very simple. I only conduct classes when I am available, as per my timings, so things get even more easier for me.

What’s your favourite thing about being an eMaester?

I’m working at one of the most renowned associations, IELTSNinja. Moreover, I don’t need to travel anywhere, as I work from home. That’s the best part of my job!