Why eMaester?

I was working as a private tutor before I joined eMaester. I enjoy teaching a lot but it was tough to deal with the timings of the tuitions and manage my home and family as well. But since I wanted to only teach, I was looking for a way to teach students as per my own timings.

Life as an eMaester

Truly life has never been so interesting and fulfilling! With the help of technology, I am able to easily teach and guide students who are halfway across the world.
Managing the daily classes and progress of several students from different countries and cities has never felt like an unmanageable nightmare for me. The online portal makes the job very easy. The feeling of satisfaction you get from teaching students from such varied backgrounds is amazing.
To be a good eMaester, I would say that apart from a good command of English, you need to be passionate about teaching and also you need to be ready to go the extra mile for the sake of your students.
As for my family, they are also very happy that I have finally found something that I enjoy doing – online teaching!

The Student Connect

I personally think that when it comes to student-teacher rapport, it doesn’t matter that you only meet your students virtually. Rapport building depends on the persons involved. I, for one, have had a great rapport with almost all of my students, in spite of only knowing them via video classes.
When my student gets their desired band in the IELTS exam, they obviously feel elated and I feel satisfied as well. I feel like I have done my job as a teacher well.

What’s your favourite thing about being an eMaester?

The fact that in my own little way, I am helping people realize their dream of giving their family a better life by migrating to the country of their choice. That is what makes my job as an eMaester so special, as I’m not just training students for IELTS, but I’m helping to make a difference in their lives for the better!