About Kalpana

I chose to teach as a profession because it’s a good platform to learn as well. My experience with online teaching has been enthusiastic, energetic and often challenging to some extent.

How does it feel to be an eMaester?

I decided to join eMaester, because I was looking for genuine work from home opportunity.

The only thing that changed in the house since I started to work from home is that now I can streamline many chores in the home front.

Online teaching comes with both great happy moments and testing moments. Working with students who are friendly are definitely my best moments whereas, internet connection issues gave rise to some testing moments.

One of my weekend students, who was an otherwise enthusiastic and intelligent person, but failed to achieve in IELTS enrolled with us. During the session, I saw his dedication and the nice style of his writing. However, his writing lacked structure and strategies. It was challenging for me to point out his mistakes.

It is very satisfying to see my students feeling confident and happy with cleared concepts, as the course comes to an end.

It is not always the salary that helps us feel independent. The intellectual boost one gets when one has a skill like teaching online with such extensive content knowledge is equally enlivening.

Advice to the future eMaesters

My message to the future trainers is that: you need to be clear with concepts before you explain it to students.