About Geetha

Geetha Balasubramaniam joined eMaester with the hope to share her love of language arts with others and show how it can be fun, enjoyable, and relevant. “If you have love and passion for a subject, it is fun to spend your day talking about it with others, making teaching a great career option for you.”

How does it feel to be an eMaester?

As each one of our trainers, her experience with online teaching has been great. The flexibility it entails enables her to create a schedule that fits her lifestyle.

Geetha is happy to share that the eMaester caption “Career+Family=emaester” triggered her decision to change her job! “It guarantees your employment with a consistent income & constant growth, all from the comfort of your home”.

Nearly every teacher has special memories with their students. One of Geeta’s students was very desperate when he joined Ufaber. He attempted IELTS test 5 times but failed to get his dream score of 8,7,7,7. She boosted his confidence and put him into rigorous practice for a week. Both of them worked together and finally his consistent hard work bore him a fruitful score of 9,8,77! It was no less than a victory.

Teaching online instills a sense of pride in the teachers. The feeling of creating one’s own identity, without the influence or command of others, is indeed a great feeling.

Advice to the future eMaesters

Geeta’s message to the future trainers and her colleagues is: “A teacher’s role is to show the students that there are worlds that exist beyond the classroom – and that their lives can be expanded and enriched by what they learn.”