Very few things are as good as having the liberty to complete tasks and work from the comfort of your own home. Women, especially in a place like India, are expected to be the caretaker of the family and the man of the house earn their daily bread but how about a woman doing both? Working from home is a middle ground where women can learn new skills as well as profit off of them and earn some extra cash all while managing their family.

However, Why Women in India Should Consider Work from Home Opportunities are: 

Control Over Working Hours

You get to choose whom you work for and whom you provide your skills to. Working from the convenience of your own home and reduce distractions and helps you work efficiently. 

Personal Space

 No one to constantly nag you about deadlines or check up on everything you do, you can simply set your own deadlines according to your time and manage work and multitask simultaneously. Enhanced focus due to lack of constant competition from your co-workers and having the freedom to explore your field of work 

No Commuting              

 One of the best outcomes of working from home, apart from saving the environment you can save your travel expenses and spend the time you’d spend commuting from your home to workplace can be used to spend more time working.

Work Attire

 You could be in your PJ’s and your employer couldn’t care less, the attention is only focused on the quality of work and you are not required to have a formal work attire to fit in the work environment and can be comfortable all while you constantly meet deadlines and take a break when required.


Early bird? Night owl? Doesn’t matter as long as the task is completed. Usually you have flexible work hours and can tailor it according to your personal time table and work only when you’re free. There’s no pressure on reaching work on time and the work efficiency will be increased since one can work only when they can make the time for it and balance their personal and professional lives. 

Avoid Office Politics

You won’t have to divert your focus to be in the good books of your co-workers or employer to win the race. Your only competition is to beat your old accomplishments and do even better irrespective of anyone else’s work. No fights or arguments over non- work related issues and can keep things direct and to the point.