Everybody has their own perception about education, everybody also have different expectation from education and look for different outcomes. Some want a job, some are passionate to learn more, some want to start up and some also want to make their parents happy and be socially accepted.
We believe that education should be used to educate/impact/uplift more people in the planet, period !
Having said that, acquiring the education is the most important decision one needs to make. Everything else is secondary.
Now let us look at the current formal education system.
Quality – If you remove the top 10 schools/colleges, the rest are all more or less deliver the same quality of education. The quality of teachers are the same, infrastructure is the same, quality of the peers are again same etc. So more then 90% of the population receive mediocre education and struggle the rest of their lives. This is the primary problem today.
Cost and ROI – Any formal education these days comes at a cost and we have a culture of not seeing the ROI (Return on Investment), the cost of Engineering is roughly about 7 Laks and average salary is 3 Lacs/annum and more than 78% of Engineers are unemployed. The cost of an MBA is minimum INR 17 laks and no real ROI even after that. So the ROI to any formal education is roughly 5-7 years.
Education to Employment gap – No education in the country right now is teaching you skills to excel in the real work world, we are tested on our memory and 10% of our education is practically assessed. Hence even if we academically great, there is a huge struggle at work, which in turn harm our career growth. Why educate ourselves on something which will not help us in our career ? after all the purpose of education is to earn and grow personally and professionally.
Why eMaester ?
eMaester is a program which will help you learn, develop and acquire the right skills to excel in your career and the best part is, it is WORK FROM HOME and even better – consistent income !
Some of the features of emaester are as follows.
Cost & ROI – The price of the course is INR 25000. The ROI calculation is that, if you spend 5 hours a day working with us at your convenience, you would be earning INR 18000 – INR 20000, so the ROI is about 40 Days. Which is about best in the world right now.
Quality – The quality of eMaester is again second to none, it is hyper-personalised one – on – one and with a trainer with over 20 years of teaching the trainer experience. You will be trained by only the best. Also our state of art assessment technique and projects/assignments will help you acquire the skill in the best way possible.
In conclusion, here is the best opportunity to work from home and change lives of millions of people.
Do not make the same mistake we made few years ago, here is a chance to acquire true skill and true earning !
Happy Learning and Earning.