Being a single mother is hard. Challenges are thrown at you from every direction, but your life is so fast-paced that you don’t even have the time to stop and think about them. And being a single mother in India brings with it an additional, unique set of challenges – it is still very much a taboo to be raising your children on your own. The social stigma can be soul-crushing.
If that wasn’t enough, there’s the never-ending worry of whether you’re doing enough for your children, while juggling your professional responsibilities.  To fulfill the role of sole breadwinner AND the sole caretaker of your children is exhausting – both physically and mentally. Add to that the guilt that every single mother faces – the guilt of leaving your children to go to work every single day. But what can you do, when you don’t have any other choice?

Well, what if we told you that you do have a choice? That you can spend time with your children and build your career at the same time? That as a single mother, you can juggle all your responsibilities? You can, with

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