One of the most significant parts of a solid application to study at a foreign university is your Statement of Purpose (SOP). An SOP is a brief essay that summarizes your educational history, accomplishments, and objectives. It’s also where you should explain why you want to study your chosen program at your preferred university.

Your SOP is the best method to stand out among the hundreds of applications that schools get every day, and it helps to separate you from your grades. In this article, you will learn what is Statement of Purpose is and why is it required. 

What is Statement of Purpose and Why is It Required?

A Statement of Purpose is a vital piece of the application puzzle, that you need to crack to get into your desired foreign university.

Writing the right SOP may seem difficult, but by following a good strategy, you can create a good SOP. Remember that getting started on an SOP is the most difficult step. 

Your application’s judgment maker is the Statement of Purpose. It helps the admissions committee figure out your attitude on life, job goals, beliefs, subject expertise, and goals.

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Important Rules for Statement of Purpose

Keep these rules in your mind while writing this letter:

Zero Percent Plagiarism

You will have to write the Statement of Purpose in your own words without any plagiarism. Sections should not be plagiarized from other websites, general themes, or written by others.

Plagiarism is a major academic offence in postgraduate education, and using any of these methods is deemed plagiarism. To avoid writing a generic or copied Statement of Purpose, concentrate on developing aims and goals that are uniquely yours. Furthermore, the school is looking for what makes you unique!

Keep It Clean 

Thousands of applications will be evaluated by the admissions committee, therefore every detail counts. Your SOP should be brief and written in clear, grammatically correct language.

The length of your Statement of Purpose will be determined by the school; in most situations, it will be no more than one page. They’ll also provide you with standards for word count, space, and structure, which will vary depending on the school. It’s critical to follow them to the letter because it demonstrates to the school that you can follow instructions and give attention to specifics.

How to Become a Certified SOP and LOR Writer for Study Abroad?

One of the most important aspects of the process is the SOP and LOR for studying abroad. You can complete Emaester’s SOP and LOR writing certification to become a certified SOP and LOR writer for study abroad. 

This program is meant to assist trainers and teachers in creating a range of customized SOP and LOR for students based on their Acamedic certification, professional work experience, and learning goals from various life experiences. Instructors will be able to create totally unique, plagiarism-free writing from the beginning, as well as write LOR, SOP, and Resumes or CVs.


The Statement of Purpose is a personal statement used by students to introduce themselves. In the SOP for visa application, a student writes down his ambitions, aims, and objectives.

Students showcase their broad interests and express their opinions to the authorities in the declaration. Furthermore, the students use the paper to communicate their objectives to the Immigration Officers.

Students who are having trouble writing their statement of aim may be concerned about the document’s usefulness. Additionally, the question of how it will affect their application emerges.

Many individuals come across many types of statements of purpose during the procedure, making the whole thing difficult.

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