One of the most crucial things for a parent is to see their child succeed in school and in life, and becoming a competent reader is a critical stepping stone on that route. 

According to research, when properly taught, phonics is among the most successful ways of teaching kids to read and can create a solid basis for a child’s future success. In this article, you will learn about how can certification help you teach Phonics to kids.

How Can a Certification Help You Teach Phonics to Kids?

With the help of a certification, you can have all the knowledge and strategies to teach Phonics to the kids. It can also benefit you in various ways from improving your own pronunciation and knowledge of technicalities.

Importance of Teaching Phonics to Kids

Improve Spelling Skills

When children understand the phonograms and how to divide a word down into sounds, they can spell correctly. When writing, comprehending sounds and language norms helps the learner choose the correct phonogram for the tones they hear in a word. Instead of being constantly interrupted by spelling errors, the writer will have the skills and confidence to resume his or her line of thinking and focus on the subject of the writing.

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Learn Rules of Language

Students must be taught the norms of the English language in addition to studying all of the phonograms. A firm understanding of the rules enables pupils to select the appropriate phonogram when confronted with a sound. For instance, if we hear a “sh” sound, we can spell it with “sh”, “ch”, “ti”, “ci”, or “si”. 

The rules provide predictable patterns to follow, allowing us to select the correct phonogram for a particular sound. When a word deviates from the projected pattern, students can examine the word’s sources to determine why the word deviates from the predicted pattern.

More Fluent Readers

Once pupils have mastered decoding, they can read more quickly and with less difficulty. As a result, kids are quickly moved on to more difficult literature, and the treasured volumes of history are made available to them. Furthermore, textbooks for areas like physics, math, and history are easier to read.

Enhances Reading Comprehension

When decoding becomes automatic, brain capacity is available to feed comprehension. Readers can identify meaning and examine the author’s message with the simplicity and quickness that comes with strong fluency.

With reading competence declining across the country, it is critical that our classrooms assure that students read. The foundation of our early literacy training must be systematic phonics training.

Phonics Teacher Training Course

The phonics training course by eMaester covers fundamental phonics information as well as an approach for teaching the phonics program to children aged 4 to 7.

The lesson concentrates on two critical aspects: improving the instructor’s pronunciation and teaching children how to speak and read correctly. 

This training provides crucial insights while also providing instructors with the full array of phonics knowledge, abilities, and understandings required to administer the curriculum for optimum reading and writing advancement for the children.

What Can You Get Out of this Course?

# Technical knowledge and understanding of the many stages of phonics learning.

# Take private lessons from the country’s greatest master trainers. Become an expert in the use of technology in education.

# Once you finish this course, you get working opportunities that can help you earn ranging from INR 10,000 to INR 40,000 per month.

# Have a long and rewarding career with several prospects for advancement!


Each child has their own style of learning. Phonics education is one way that can be integrated into a comprehensive, well-rounded reading curriculum that promotes visual learners to recognize full words by sight while also providing opportunities for extended reading and creative writing.

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