Phonics is very crucial for kids’ learning and growth. The children learn to speak and remember words with the help of phonics. Phonics signifies using letter sounds to assist you to read words. You can go through this article to understand the top 10 phonics courses for teachers in India. It will be helpful for the teachers to get a good trainer and acknowledgement of the phonics. 

The teachers can also get certification in Teaching Phonics to kids. The kids need to be aware of different words and the ways to spell and speak them. So, let’s acknowledge the phonics courses for teachers. 

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Significance of Phonics

Phonics is the way of speaking and pronouncing words. In pre-school or nursery, before the students even begin learning letter names and sounds along with developing their listening skills, they’re tuned into various sounds and words. 

Sometimes in reception or year/primary one, the letters of the alphabet are introduced in a set order, and kids learn one sound for every letter. At that time, they will sound out and skim easy, short words like ‘c-a-t, cat’ and ‘s-u-n, sun’. 

Next, kids learn that some letters create different sounds once you place them along, like ‘sh’, ‘ee’, and ‘ai’. These activities are done by teachers who are certified and trained in Phonics. They help the kids to learn different words with their composition and punctuation. Let’s learn more about this teacher training certification. 

Once the kids learn to read words with the foremost common letter-sound mixtures, kids locomote to find out countless different mixtures. They practice reading more and more advanced words. By the time they end their 1st year, most kids are well on the way to reading just about any acquainted word in English! In their second year, kids develop their skills still, practicing using to read and spell words that are less acquainted and more difficult. 

Phonics for Kids

Phonics will help the children to recognize words and punctuations. Correct pronunciation of words is extremely important because if the kids will not be able to speak properly, they will not be considered valuable personalities and will not get good career opportunities in the future. 

Of course, while all this can be happening, kids also are learning to grasp and enjoy what they read! From nursery and beyond, academics share marvelous stories and non-fiction books with kids and encourage them to place confidence in, point out and enjoy their reading. 

Therefore, the teachers can learn about phonics by practicing it and learning about it in the certification program. 

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