Why eMaester?

Before joining eMaester, I was working as a teacher in a leading CBSE school in Bangalore. I taught science and English then. Now I can teach from the comfort of my home and as per my own timings.

Life as an eMaester

My life is very amazing with opportunities to venture into new projects and students from all around the world. The training on a virtual platform has given me a winning edge as a teacher. Initially it was definitely a challenge, as I used to get students with different requirements for honing their skills. But now, I understand the student and his/her learning techniques first and then customize the course content for them. The content of the course and the teaching/training aids that we use, everything is done on a technology base and provided by uFaber to us. It makes the teaching process very simple indeed!
My family is also delighted to see me do well in the world of teaching and training, something which I have always loved. They are extremely pleased with the work-personal life balance that I’m able to have, unlike the other regular jobs.

The Student Connect

Though I only meet my students in the virtual world, we get to know each other very well through the session calls. I consider the student-trainer relationship to be just like that of a child and parent. The trainer facilitates learning for the student, and is always there to do the hand holding and help whenever required, just like a parent.

How does it feel to see your students succeed?

My students are on cloud nine when they achieve their desired band in the IELTS exam. I’m also ecstatic and see my own success in their success. It is truly an exceptional feeling when you know that you are the reason behind your student’s smile and happiness!

What’s your favourite thing about being an eMaester?

The most remarkable point that I like about this job is the flexibility/versatility of work timings. Another striking feature is that I don’t have a controlled work area with demanding targets, deadlines and a designation hierarchy.
I work at Ufaber, which stands for, You’re-fabulous-trainer. My home sweet home is my office, where I have the liberty of conducting sessions anytime and anywhere. I walk and reach my office in a jiffy or say with the wink of an eye!