Why eMaester?

Before joining eMaester, I was a faculty of English at Spoorthy Degree College, Hyderabad. I was looking for a convenient job that would allow me to balance several responsibilities parallelly, and at the same time follow my love of teaching.

Life as an eMaester

My life is infinitely interesting now, as there are boundaries to learning and teaching anymore! I have students from all over the world. It is a truly enriching experience, I am learning many new things each day.
I take my office with me wherever I go, in my bag! From the kitchen to my study, I am ready to work in a minute, escaping all the hurdles of travelling – crowd , traffic etc.
My family is very happy and  excited too, because thanks to eMaester I can give time to them also.

The Student Connect

There is a total understanding and rapport with my students even though I only share a virtual connection with them. When my students do well in the IELTS exam, their expression of happiness at their achievement exalts my feelings too. The self-satisfaction, for being instrumental in having helped them reach their goal is like being on top of the world.

Ease of Working

Technology has truly helped the world to shrink,  everything that you could need is available at just the click of a finger. Teaching is not time consuming anymore, and innovative concepts can be exchanged and learnt instantly. uFaber has served everything on a platter for us trainers and it is so convenient to conduct the sessions, there are no paperwork hassles. The procedures to use the student-teacher portal is easy and self-explanatory. Above all the, uFaber team Ali, Asif, Pavneet are ever ready to extend any help required at any time.

What’s your favourite thing about being an eMaester?

The flexibility, being a professional at home, and being associated with students from different countries and different backgrounds!