Why eMaester?

I was an IB PYP teacher and prior to that, I was a banker. But I was searching for a job that could provide me with a work-life balance, which was sorely missing. Thankfully, I found out about eMaester and enrolled for it. It has been the perfect job for me.

Life as an eMaester

It feels great to be able to strike a work-life balance. I also feel that I am contributing to the society in my own small way, by helping people accomplish the first step in the realization of their dream of settling abroad! My family is very supportive and proud of my decision as well.

The Student Connect

Though I never meet the students in person, within just a few sessions we build a beautiful relationship. In fact, even after finishing their course, students keep in touch and continue to approach me for any kind of doubts and advice. We keep connected through technology. When my students do well in their IELTS exam, they feel elated and they appreciate the hard work put in by me.  I also feel a sense of accomplishment!

Role of Technology

Technology has certainly made my job very easy. We have systematic lesson plans and content on the student-teacher portal. And there is the ability to connect with the students through Skype, IMO, Whatsapp or Zoom. I am sharing the screen space and knowledge with students sitting far away from my home country, and it has proved to be a boon!

Where do I work?

Well, I work in a cocoon like a caterpillar which is warm and cozy – one day I will blossom into a beautiful butterfly, yet connected to this beautiful world through the ever changing technology!

What’s your favourite thing about being an eMaester?

Flexibly of working from the comfort of home, flexibility of time and ability to strike a perfect work-life balance keeps me going! In addition to this, the opportunity of learning and growing is the best takeaway from this job.