The UPSC examination is a hard nut to crack. Every year, millions of individuals attempt this test, but only a few thousand make it into the Indian public services. Many individuals argue that the UPSC curriculum is so large and diversified that it is impossible to complete it in time for the IAS test. 

The demand for UPSC tutors is high due to the increasing number of UPSC aspirants. Therefore, if you want to become a UPSC tutor, you should go for it without any hesitation. In this article, you will learn how to become a UPSC tutor.

How to Become a UPSC Tutor?

To become a UPSC tutor, you must take training from a well-trusted platform. You can go for eMaester which provides great teaching classes. Here is a UPSC course that will help you learn more about UPSC tutoring:

Certification in Teaching for UPSC & Govt Job Exams

This program comprehensively prepares you to become one of the most sought-after online tutors for the “Civil Services Examination,” India’s most competitive examination. You will be taught subject content, methodology, evaluation, effective feedback exchange, and tracking improvements to ensure that your students attain an exceptional success rate.

Program Highlights 

# You will get the best subject matter training on the best content available in the market.

# Dive into the best practices in online training with this program.

# You’ll get great opportunities to guide students for UPSC exam preparation.

# You’ll be able to generate original content.

# With this program, you can earn Rs 10K to 40K per month easily.

# Witness the exceptional growth opportunities with the infinite market size.

Training Road Map

Phase 1 Foundation Training

Duration: 4-6 weeks

The Foundation Training consists of these amazing features:

# Personalize Live Training

# An extensive routine of daily live classes

# Project work building up to 100+ engagement hours

# Observation of live sessions by seasoned trainers

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Phase 2 Practical Training

Duration: 4 weeks

The Practical Training consists of these amazing features:

# 24X7 access to a Personal Development Coach

# DC gives personalized session feedback

# Routine of Masterclass and workshops

Phase 3 Growth and Development

Duration: Lifetime access

The Growth and Development Training consists of these amazing features:

# With quarterly promotions, a personalized career, skill, and earnings progression plan are created for you.

# For higher-order skills, masterclasses and workshops are conducted on a regular basis.

# Extra training for new programs at The Real School

Requirements for Being a UPSC Tutor

These are the basic requirements for becoming a UPSC tutor:

# Good communication skills

# Must have attempted UPSC at least once

# Knowledge about UPSC subjects

# Online teaching skills

Why Become a UPSC Tutor?

Here are some reasons why you should become a UPSC tutor:


Tutors are often self-employed, which implies you are your own boss. It is far more flexible and convenient than traditional nine-to-five employment. The ability to schedule your workload with flexibility allows you to adapt work around personal commitments, resulting in improved work-life balance.

You have the freedom to pick which days you want to work, how many minutes you want to work, and where ever you want to work. Online tutoring is another alternative, especially if your students are not close by. To guarantee a good class, you may deliver one-on-one lessons online, through phone or video chat, and quickly exchange files and other teaching materials with your pupils.

Supplement Your Income

Tutoring is an excellent method to supplement your income while also sharing your skills with others. For example, you could already be working as a teacher and wish to supplement your income or you might even have an entirely different day job. 

Intellectual Fulfillment

Tutoring also strengthens your own abilities and strategies by exposing you to a variety of learning styles. It improves your communication and leadership abilities, as well as your capacity to tailor these abilities to particular pupils and their needs. These abilities are essential for your professional development, whether you are a full-time teacher or not.

You will also be expected to maintain a high level of understanding in the subject matter in which you instruct. This implies that you’ll be constantly expanding your base of knowledge, which will keep you mentally busy.


Now, that you have learned how to become a UPSC tour with the help of the Certification in Teaching for UPSC & Govt Job Exams teaching course. You should go for this career option without thinking as you are well aware of the high number of UPSC candidates per year. This can become a great source of income for you. 

Start your UPSC tutoring journey today!!!

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