The advancements in technology and the advent of the internet have made a shift of people’s minds and functions to their devices and gadgets. Working as well as earning through online mediums has become the fruit that everyone likes to have. It offers more privileges and benefits. 

Furthermore, the pandemic has made people more connected to the internet and online services. Everything is easily accessible on online platforms from marketing to education. Therefore, if you have made up your mind to earn online, you can make it possible by going through this article and knowing about the best platforms that pay you the amount for your hard work and dedication. 

This article is purely dedicated to letting you know the ways to earn by teaching English online. English is the fastest growing language and everyone is searching for the most effective platforms and tutors to learn the language and use it professionally as well as personally. You can make your future stable and bright by earning online. 

Therefore, let’s check out the platforms that help your teaching skills to grow and function for the betterment of your life as well as the kid’s learning. Let’s begin with the fruitful information. 

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Online English Teaching Skills

Well, if you are thinking of teaching online, you must be aware of the skills required in teaching online. You must have a good knowledge of technology because online lectures are held on different applications that have different functions and tools. You must be aware of the functioning of these applications and websites. 

Plus, you should be perfect in handling the questions of the students and must give them perfect answers. You should have sound knowledge about the subject so that you explain the terms and topics to the students with examples and let them understand the concepts well. 

You must also have a good understanding of the behaviour of educational institutions to give the required knowledge to the children along with following the rules. Multiple online platforms provide opportunities to the teachers to earn by teaching online. If you are interested in it, keep reading the article further. 

Earn Money by Teaching Online

Online teaching and education is the need of the present era. The students seek online tutors to learn different concepts and resolve their queries and the teachers are seeking opportunities to get the platform where they can earn well by teaching the kids. 

If you are thinking to earn money by teaching online, you must see all the platforms given below. These platforms pay you for your work and efforts. You must have the required skills to earn large amounts for your standard of living. 

The importance of online lectures and classes has grown in the pandemic scenario. The personalization and accessibility of the classes to everyone gives great learning opportunities to the students. This is why more people are connecting to online platforms to learn different subjects and topics. 

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Earn by Teaching English Online

If you are looking for online platforms to teach online, you must be thinking about the certificate for teaching. It is the most common question that comes to everyone’s mind. Well, most of the online platforms require you to have TESOL / TEFL / TESL or an equivalent certificate. You can get an online teaching job easily if you have any of these certificates. Now, let’s move on to the list of platforms providing teaching opportunities. 


Italki is quite a popular online portal for student learning. Many students join lectures on the portal to learn over 75 languages with the best experts. It is quite renowned among the group of students. It has more than 2 million registered students who get the knowledge by joining the lectures. 

You must be thinking about the opportunity for the teachers. Well, currently, more than 3000 teachers are teaching on this online platform. The lessons by the best teachers are set according to the customization of the students. 

The students only need to have a good internet connection, webcam and installed skype application to take the personalized lectures. The teachers can earn by getting maximum positive feedback from the students. 

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Verbal Planet

It is a famous portal to teach English online. The teachers can make money by teaching on this portal. The students get the privilege to search for the best-suited teacher from the teacher’s directory. The functions of this platform work in a way that you have to create your I’d for the portal and then your name is added to the teacher’s directory. 

The best part about the platform is that you can set the price for your English lessons. You can get more students to teach if you have more positive feedback. Therefore, you need to collect positive feedback from the students to earn. You can choose to teach other languages too. Skype is the prominently used software for this portal. 


This website is known for its customized experience for the candidates. The experts of the website give lectures to the students according to their pace and requirements. The website has incredible articles on different topics to satisfy the needs of the learners. You can choose this amazingly functional platform to earn by teaching here. You have to get in touch with the seniors and make an account to get started with the job. 

The students learn exponentially by joining the lectures taken by experts and professionals. 

The teachers get an amazing opportunity to teach the students on the platform with a good amount. The website offers articles and other informational high-quality videos for the student’s learning and development. If you are searching for the best platform to teach and earn, you can visit this platform. 


Students from across the globe join the lectures on this website to learn English exponentially and perfectly. It is the best and most famous website for kids. It is a Chinese company. It hires the teachers to teach the students effectively and pays them accordingly. If you join the platform as a teacher, you can get paid by it by teaching to the children. 

The procedure to get hired on the platform is a little different from the others because you have to start on the platform by making an account and adding your personal reviews to it. Following it, you have to show your skills in English for which you have to make an introductory video in English along with submitting an aptitude test. 

Also, you will be required to do an IT test to show your internet connection facility and PC. If you get selected after the complete procedure, you need to go through the trial period where you can teach the learners and earn money.

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Therefore, we hope and believe that the information you were seeking has been given in this article. You must have gathered all the important information to earn by online teaching through this article. If yes, you must go ahead to fulfil your aspirations. 

If you require more information regarding the same topic or other topics like the importance of online teaching or the ways to teach online, you need to visit the Emaester website because this platform will give you tremendous knowledge and information regarding all the aspects of online working in the present scenario and much more. 

You can navigate to the website easily by searching it on the search engines or directly going through this article. You can get connected to experts and professionals with the help of this website. The experts help you get the potential knowledge related to your queries along with giving you guidance for the future. Well, the benefit of the platform includes customization and information according to your pace. 

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