There are a lot of avenues today, to Work From Home in India. Numerous housewives, retired professionals, teachers and even students pursuing higher education are looking at work from home opportunities as a way to supplement their income. Megha Sharma, a teacher, now an eMaester shares her journey with eMaester and working from home.

Why eMaester?

I used to be a teacher in an Army Public School. During this time, I learnt about eMaester. I gathered that it is a job that will allow me to continue teaching while being at home. It gave me the opportunity to take my classroom to the students. It was a breath of fresh air when compared to the conventional schooling system.

Life as an eMaester

Life is much more comfortable and organized now since I’m working from the comfort of my home. My family is highly impressed; they’re happy that I have such a great, stress-free job. I can stay at home, teach and earn money. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about whether I would be able to teach effectively through a virtual platform, but I have seen a definite improvement in my students’ performance. I have seen a kind of satisfaction and confidence in them and that is what satisfies me.

Role of Technology in Work From Home Jobs like eMaester

Technology is playing an important role, it aids my teaching. uFaber helped me with a lot of reference material that I could use to further the understanding of my students. All the help in the world is available at the click of a button. Managing so many students from different cities isn’t as tough as I imagined it would be, with time I have become well-acquainted with the student-teacher portal. Every student is different, and I like the challenge of solving their problems. Technology has proven to be a boon that has strengthened my ties with my students.

What’s your favourite thing about being an eMaester?

I work from my living room. Life is just so easy! There is no need to travel which saves both time and money.
I cherish the fact that I am pursuing what I love the most —teaching, and that too with a lot of comfort.

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Work From Home: Become an  eMaester


eMaester aims to create a utopian education ecosystem, by breaking rigid walls of timetable and classroom, placing the student in the center of it all, powered by an engine called ‘passionate teachers’.