Everyone has different opinions about a good job. For some, it’s all about the satisfaction it gives, while for others, the money it gives is the only thing that matters. However, the common perception of a job is one in which you have to go to an office and work for eight hours or more every day, getting tired at the end and having no time for family or a personal life. There are, however, lucrative work-from-home options, which will provide you with a consistent monthly income while giving you enough time to spend on your family and yourself. Becoming an eMaester is one of the best options you have. It allows you to maintain a healthy work-life balance while giving you a chance to develop a career in online teaching with abundant opportunities for growth.

What is an eMaester?

An eMaester is an online English tutor who prepares students for important exams like IELTS and PTE. An eMaester can be from any background, and there is no barrier when it comes to who can become one. They can be homemakers, former corporate professionals, former teachers, single mothers or any woman looking to kick-start or revive her career. eMaester is on its way to becoming the best job opportunity for educated, ambitious women looking for financial independence with a strength of 1000 trainers, and growing consistently.

Here are some compelling reasons to become an eMaester:

No Prior Experience Needed

You only need to be a graduate and good at English to qualify to become an eMaester. People with no teaching experience have as much of a chance at becoming eMaesters as those with experience, as eMaester believes that ambitious, smart individuals can succeed at this career if they put their mind to it. However, there is a rigorous training programme and certification involved before you can become a tutor with us, and passing the certification exam is a must. The training consists of the completion of 30 hours of learning material, and you can get to work as soon as you finish it.  


Online teaching is a purely work-from-home job, and you get to decide everything from your timings to where you choose to do your work. You get paid depending on the hours you put in as well as the results your students achieve and their referrals. So you have full freedom regarding not only where and when to work, but also how many hours to put in and how many students to teach.

Work-Life Balance

Since you have complete freedom over your timings and the location of your work, you not only save on commute time but can also be available at home when your family needs you. Depending on how much you wish to earn and how much time you want to devote to your personal life, you can create your own schedule, leaving you with more than enough time on your hands to take care of yourself and your family.

A Consistent Income

Since you’re paid on an hourly basis, the amount of time you put in will decide your income. The income is not likely to reduce, and as long as you’re capable and produce results, you’ll get enough incentives and increments to attain financial independence. Hence, with a good work-life balance, you would also earn a consistent monthly income as an eMaester. Also, after every 1000 hours of training, you will be considered for attractive raises and rewards.

Growth Opportunities and Increments

The growth opportunities as an eMaester are abundant. You can get opportunities to work on content development and assignments, and you can work as an Examiner, Head Trainer, Session Quality Analyst and much more with eMaester. You will receive regular updates regarding such opportunities for growth based on your availability and the feedback of your students.

All these advantages make becoming an eMaester a great opportunity for anyone looking for financial independence along with a chance to pay attention to their personal and family life.