Why eMaester?

I had been working as an HR Manager before I got associated with IELTS Ninja. Fed up of the crazy office hours in a corporate job, I found eMaester.

Life as an eMaester

My life has totally changed! Now I am my own boss. I work from the comfort of my home. I am able to maintain a fine balance between my personal as well my professional life.
The flexibility of working hours has done wonders for me. I can do my work and simultaneously I can look after my kids. My family sometimes calls me superwoman!

The Student Connect

Initially it was a challenge to build a rapport with my students, however once I got into the groove, the results were clearly visible. I enjoy a very good relationship with my students. I spend 30-60 minutes every day with each student, with a clear-cut focus on education, so rapport is a by-product.
When my students get their desired band in the IELTS exam, they feel as if they have touched the moon. Desired IELTS score is nothing less than a visa for them. The first thing my students do when they get the desired band score is call me. Then we discuss the journey towards this score and sometimes there is guffaws of laughter. I feel very satisfied and the motivation to achieve more as a teacher gets strengthened.

Is Online Teaching Difficult?

The course is designed in an impeccable style. Initially daily management of work was an issue, but with experience I have acquired the right skillset, now I am very much comfortable using the student-teacher portal provided by uFaber. It helps me to manage all my work easily.
I can work anywhere. Working on top of Mount Everest (with internet connectivity) too won’t be a problem!

What’s your favourite thing about being an eMaester?

Flexible working hours and the opportunity to interact with students from all over the globe are the USPs of my work. I now am not only a smart homemaker but also a self-dependent person, all courtesy of eMaester!