So you’ve stumbled onto this post because of you’re interested in the prospect of working from home, right? What if told you that I had the answers to all your wishes. Imagine a job which gives freedom over time. Great, right?
Why look for other options when eMaester provides you consistent income. Introducing eMaester, the training that sets you free. What is eMaester? A job? Certification course? A world-class language training program? It’s all three. It begins with a month-long English Language Proficiency training course followed by an industry-acclaimed certification and then your career begins. So you’re probably wondering, Why eMaester? How does it work? These 4 easy phases will help answer everything that is on your mind.

4 phases of eMaester:

Phase 1: The Training

On enrolment, your extensive training in communication programs like Corporate English, Test preparation programs like IELTS and PTE, online training technology and reverse classroom pedagogy commence. One-on-one training is done where your trainer trains you in your free time for one month.

Phase-2: The Certification

On successful completion of the training, you will get certified on your teaching skills, content knowledge and use of technology.

Phase-3: The Kick-start

Finally empanelled as a trainer with eMaester, you’ll have access to a network of 30,000 students from 15 countries. You needn’t search for students. We will allot them to you in accordance to your schedule. You get all the technology, systems and content to teach these students online at your convenience.

Phase-4: The Growth

You begin as a Trainer; if you love what you do you move up the ranks and become a Senior Trainer or Course Manager and then you can advance to become a Teacher Trainer where you can teach individuals much like yourself who are taking their first steps into the eMaester ecosystem.

More than 5 million students give IELTS and PTE tests every year. We provide personalized one-on-one training to all the students who enrol into courses driving robust results. eMaester training makes you an expert in teaching these students one-on-one on through an online channel, embracing the new-age environment using digital content. Unlike other Work from Home opportunities, an eMaester career gets you consistent income month over month. Teach more and earn more without leaving the comfort of your home.
Teaching is not just a profession; teaching is a cause. Join a cause and not a profession. Join eMaester.