Why eMaester?

Teaching had always been my passion. But being a housewife, I had to manage my home as well, and so I never got to exercise this passion of mine. Thanks to eMaester, I am now following my passion of teaching along with doing my household work. I am now an independent woman and a teacher.

Life as an eMaester

As I work as an eMaester, I teach from home, so it is easy for me to take care of both the responsibilities- home and work. I have a small baby, so eMaester has been very helpful for me. I can take care of my child and earn money at the same time. eMaester is a good job opportunity for mothers like me who have young children and cannot go out of the house to work.

The Student Connect

The rapport between me and my students is excellent. My students feel very happy when they succeed in the IELTS exam, and whenever that happens, I personally feel that I have been successful in my job as a teacher. It makes me extremely happy to see them succeed. It makes me glad that I get to be a teacher and follow my passion.

What’s your favourite thing about being an eMaester?

eMaester is a very flexible job. I can work from my home – my home is my office and I don’t have to travel to fulfill my passion.