Every person has a vocabulary with a set of words they use daily. A good vocabulary is an important tool which can work wonders with the help of right punctuations and strong grammar. Not having a good or even decent vocabulary leaves the process of communication incomplete, without the right words one fails at expressing their thoughts or opinions. Grasping new words is not a tough job but recalling them is.

You can improve your vocabulary by working on it gradually and building it step by step. Learning new words and incorporating them in your daily life can make it easy for you to use them consistently in the future since it takes between 10-20 repetitions to make a new word a part of your vocabulary.

 Using and having a dictionary on you at all times might sound draining which is why you can look up for words and what they mean on online dictionaries and how it’s used in a sentence. Continue only using words that express what you feel instead of using jargons or words that you don’t completely understand just for the sake of it will end up being meaningless. Consistency is key, use the words you learn every day, maintain a streak and keep challenging yourself, read more books and try to understand the context in which the words used and make sense of it before looking it up online. Conversing with a friend might help strengthen your vocabulary since saying the word out loud instead of simply writing it in a journal helps remember it more clearly. Playing board games have been proven to help the person remember words and their meaning all while still having fun.

Vocabulary is a strong part of one’s personality, not having a good command over your words won’t make an impact on people around you and at times might even hinder your development. Only through practice can one improve their vocabulary.