eMaester in an online train-the-trainer program that aims at transforming individuals into an English language tutors and corporate communication specialist. This training puts you on par with the globally recognized IELTS trainers. Additionally, it guarantees your employment with a consistent income and constant growth, all from the comfort of your home

How to Become an eMaester

You can become an eMaester in 3 easy steps:


eMaester certificate course is for anyone who enjoys interacting with people and has a passion for teaching. The minimum age requirement is 18+ and at least a Bachelor’s Degree in any stream. Fluency in English ofcourse is the most important requirement.


In the thorough Six Week Train-the-Trainer program each of the candidates gets a personalized one-on-one mentoring with a MasterTrainer and access to an exhaustive library of teaching resources. This gradually transforms them into “Maesters” in the English language.


Once transformed by the six-week training, the candidates are presented with the only certificate that guarantees one with an earning for a lifetime. We have taken it upon ourselves to guarantee you at least 1000 teaching hours.

Getting On board

Once certified, the candidates can get in touch with the eMaester team. After that they will create a schedule assigning time slots that are convenient for the particular candidate. Lastly, you sign a contract and get started with teaching!

What You will Learn in the Certificate Program

The eMaester certificate program is an all-inclusive course, where you learn the basics of teaching along and get an in-depth knowledge about English training. The six-weeks course is divided into 6 modules. Here is a glimpse of what each module looks like:


Online training pedagogy, techniques and tools

Language skill assessment

Language acquisition – curriculum and customisation


IELTS exam pattern, trends and challenges

Mastering IELTS reading and listening module

Mastering IELTS writing module

Mastering IELTS speaking


Student case studies

Training highly skilled students

Training extremely weak students


Real time Mock sessions (4)


eMaester training management systems


Advanced IELTS content skills

Benefits of eMaester

The eMaester course comes with plenty of benefits. It is a one of a kind course that allows you to learn the art of teaching from the master trainers, without having to endure the chaotic commute. Here are the things that you get:

  1. One-on-One Training

You can get personalised undivided attention from your Master Trainer at the comfort of your home.

2. Most Relevant Curriculum

The eMaester curriculum is curated by experts and is constantly being upgraded and updated.

3. No Constraint of Time and Location

You decide when you work, where you work and how much you want to work.

4. Best Quality Content

Receive custom made content that’s super easy to understand, complete with teaching resources.

4. Diploma Certificate

Not just beautifully designed but comes with the guarantee of employment.

5. Guaranteed Earning

With earnings of 10000 per month and a 300% ROI in less than six months

The Money Matter

A lifetime of earning opportunity comes with the eMaester certificate. Such a deal comes with a surprising price! Here is a complete breakdown of the entire deal:

Training fee

  35,000 (exclusive of GST)

Training Duration


Earnings per month

  10,000 – 40,000

ROI in 6 Months


What You can do with the eMaester Certificate

With the eMaester certificate, you can have a sea of opportunities. You can start your professional journey with uFABER, not just as an English trainer but also as a content developer or Corporate trainer.

This program gives you a job opportunity right after you complete it! Becoming a trainer with uFaber will give you a platform to help a countless number of students while being able to earn from the comfort of your homes

eMaester is the leading brand in IELTS and English Communication training catering to thousands of students from all over the world. Becoming a certified eMaester trainer is your first step to teaching on these brands.

In A Nutshell

You can become a certified eMaester in a very easy way. It opens up a sea of opportunities for you to spend your time in a productive way and gives you a chance to be financially independent. So what are you waiting for? Join eMaester today for a lifetime of earning opportunities right from the comfort of your home!