About Rupinder

Rupinder Kaur is a graduate with a professional experience of 6.5 years varying in 3 different multi-nationals. It has been 1 year since she joined eMaester as a professional work-from-home trainer. “I like making a difference in someone else’s life. Even though it’s virtual, but still I think I am able to connect with the other person.”

How does it feel to be an eMaester?

Rupinder’s decision to join eMaester was instantaneous. She was looking for doing something from home and one fine day got a call and she said ‘yes’!

eMaester not only gives one professional freedom but also allows trainers to have beautiful memories: “There are times when students come back with happy faces and tell about their results. Although often there are many individuals who are difficult, you have to take it as a challenge.”

Advice to Future eMaesters

To her colleagues and future trainers, Rupinder’s message is: “Be happy for whatever you are doing and take every day as a challenge.”