Why eMaester?

Before joining eMaester, I was an English teacher for Secondary Classes in CBSE schools. Later I changed over to Administration and worked as principal for over 15 years.
I relocated to Bangalore and due to domestic responsibilities could not pursue my career further. As I am very passionate about teaching, I was looking for online teaching options from home.
Once while browsing for online teaching jobs I stumbled upon eMaester. I applied with a tinge of apprehension. But from the time I spoke to Susan from uFaber and enrolled for the training, there has been no looking back.

Life as an eMaester

I am very much content with the job and enjoying every moment. I find the team of people from uFaber very supportive and approachable.
My family members are very happy to see me doing something that I am passionate about.

The Student Connect

There is a strong connect between the teacher and the taught which strengthens as the course progresses. When students perform well in the IELTS exam, they feel very happy and thank me for the support and guidance. They also consider the material and videos on the portal very good.

The Role of Technology

The role of technology is definitely very important as technology is everywhere, entwined in every walk of life. Training students virtually would be impossible without the support of technology. Though at times it is challenging, I also have access to a vast expanse of material on the portal. Deploying mobile technology with Wi-Fi has given me an opportunity to be a digital citizen. It has also enhanced the teaching-learning experience and created new opportunities. The students are no more passive learners and I play my role as the encourager, adviser and coach.
I would say virtually teaching so many students from different cities would have been difficult but for the session plans and course material which has been designed by the team of experts at uFaber. The session plans can be customized to meet the requirement of students irrespective of where they are.

What’s your favourite thing about being an eMaester?

Teaching is the only profession which gives us a chance to be creative and versatile. This job is a great platform to connect with students from all over the world, different walks of life and of all ages. I think being a virtual trainer with uFaber is an important milestone in my teaching career.