A Little Background

My husband works with chemical companies, due to which we get transferred to remote areas. I have always been passionate about working rather than sitting ideal at home. I am currently a principal of a school and I enjoy my work a lot. I decided to see for some work from home opportunities so that if at all we get transferred, I do not have to worry about my job.
While browsing, I came across the eMaester Program and decided to register and see how this could help me. After speaking to them and few of their trainers, I was satisfied and enrolled for the Diploma certified course.

About my Trainer

As I worked during the morning hours, I had my training scheduled for the evening slot. Ms. Mansi was my trainer and she was indeed a good trainer. She was very cooperative and helpful during the training period. She cleared all my doubts and helped me through-out.
I have completed my training and getting ready to teach students. I plan on teaching in the evening slots after my work. I am looking forward to a great experience with students from across the globe.

My Thoughts

Online teaching is a very comfortable job. We do not have to travel and worry about the time. As an online trainer, I have the freedom to decide on my working hours and also work comfortably from home. I am proud to be an eMaester.