“Communication skills are more important than academic excellence.”

When you read the quote, your natural reaction might be disbelief or denial. In Indian society, the children have been taught to value academic accomplishments and grades more than their ability to interact with the people. Students spend their lives trying to get into the best colleges in the country. In later years, they spend their life pursuing a degree and try to score the best grades in it. However, when they enter the stage where they need to earn their bread and butter, they end up failing miserably.

In interviews, students in spite of having the best grades fail to perform well. Nervousness and anxiety overwhelm them when they are faced with a serious prospect. Most of the time, they are unable to communicate their thoughts effectively. This leads to a huge unemployment rate in India, primarily because Indian schools fail to impart communication skills.

In the corporate world, employers look for people who can communicate their sales pitch effectively and add value to the company. In the academic world, academicians look for people who can convey their ideas in a clear and concise way. In the entertainment industry, the audience looks for people who can provide entertainment in an interactive way. Thus, in all spheres of life, communication skills are the key to success. Even if one is not great at academics, but still is able to communicate their thoughts and ideas better than a person who has academic excellence, he naturally gets a higher advantage than the latter.

Hence, The Fluent Life focuses on eliminating the communication weaknesses of students. We understand that it cripples the progress of people in their work sphere and seek to impart amazing communication skills that can make an individual be more confident.