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Our Milestones

What better way to talk “About Us”

2 Lakh Online Classes takenby eMaesters!

In 2019, our team achieved a remarkable number. eMaesters have delivered over 2 lakh online lectures to students from across the world. Wherever there is a need, we have delivered with passion and in numbers.

INR 3 Crores of Payouts made!

We eMaesters have earned in the tune of 3 crores in just 2 years from our in-house brands IELTS Ninja and Fluent Life. We are now a family of 1200+ certified trainers logging in every day from an office just inside our homes.

Rapid Career Growth - Women Empowered!

Since its inception in 2017, we have seen rapid growth as eMaesters. We are trainers to begin with, but we are also head trainers, team leaders, quality experts - promoted on the job and in time.

Our eMaesters

Pavneet K
Ranjini A
Shivani K
Sofiya G
Sukriti S
Daya R
Krutika S
Liji S
Neelam F
Aditii S

Today we are 1200+ passionate individuals-turned-trainers! 99.9% women, 100% empowered!

The Genesis

In 2017 when faced with a tough question – How do you teach a teacher to be passionate?

Rohit had an epiphany of sorts, “Let us find passionate people and make them subject matter experts”. Popular wisdom said it was better to look at it as an HR problem, and focus must be on recruiting the “right people”. But something felt right about empowering the passionate ones rather than scouting the right ones.

Anirudh, found new light when the most of these passionate individuals and future trainers were women, who braved out of their careers to do more for their family and now had the burning desire to jump back in action. eMaester was born.

Rohit and Anirudh, both college mates from IIT Bombay have been in the education space for over a decade and created several products, but undoubtedly feel most proud about going against popular wisdom and common sense and making eMaester a reality.


Rohit J


Anirudh S


eMaester Relations

Bharath S

Program Head

Shweta S

eMaester acquisition team


Ali M

Operation Manager

Sameer S

Operation Manager

Shivangi N

Student Manager

Design & Development

Arpit G

Technical Head

Shruti P

Design Head


Sofia G

Content Manager

Neelam F

Content Manager

Maathangi I

Content Manager

Johan F

Content Manager