Highlights of being an UPSC Emaester

  • Training on World-class content
  • Private classes from best master trainers in the country
  • Become an expert in using technology for education
  • Earning range 10,000 to INR 40,000 per month
  • A long, exciting career with multiple growth opportunities

What you learn

  • Online training pedagogy, techniques and tools
  • UPSC core skill assessment
  • Language acquisition
  • Perfect assessment and actionables
UPSC Inception Course UPSC Foundation Course
Pattern and weightage of the subject in UPSC Exam Skill requirement for UPSC Exam
Strategies for the subject and maximising the preparation and scores. Finding Skill gaps
Writing perfect answers Development of Skills with appropriate assignments
Relating Current Affairs to the core subject Developing personalities
  • Student case studies
  • Training highly skilled students
  • Training extremely weak students
  • Hyper personalizing sessions
  • Live session analysis
  • Real-time Mock Sessions
  • Technology and tools for high impact session
  • Techniques of Hyper-personalizing session
  • eMaester training management systems
  • Academic deep diving
  • Spontaneous Content development
  • Customizing the study plan for students

Reputed Brands you will represent

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More than 3000 students every year across the globe trust UPSC Pathshal with the most important exam of their lives

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What You Get


Get personalised undivided attention of your Master Trainer at the comfort of your home


Receive custom made content that’s super easy to understand, complete with teaching resources


Our curriculum is curated by experts and is constantly being upgraded and updated


Diploma in IELTS Training Certificate with a guarantee of employment


You decide when you work, where you work and how much you want to work


With earnings of 10000 per month and a 300% ROI in less than six months

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Who should Enrol

If you have a deep passion for teaching, inclination towards having a solution oriented approach and flair towards humanities subjects, you might be the next big name in UPSC training domain. You will love this job if you have one or more of these traits:

  • You have great interest in the subject
  • You are a vivid reader
  • You keep track of news and current affairs
  • You love interacting with people
  • You have a way of making people listen to you
  • You are full of energy and positivity
  • You have a curious side to you
  • You believe in changing lives

Fee Structure

We offer this 6 Week Training Program at a fee of INR 35,000 which can be paid using any of the options given below:

Pay Upfront

INR 30,500

Avail a 15% discount

when you make an upfront payment.

Pay at 0% EMI

INR 11,500 upfront

Pay the balance amount

at 0% EMI

Pay from Earnings

INR 9,500 upfront

Pay 15% of your salary

for 2 years after you start earning

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