Have questions regarding the program?

Find answers to all your doubts here!

Have questions regarding the program? Find answers to all your doubts here!







After the completion of your training, the certification exam will be conducted online. This has to be within one week of the completion of training and the timing of the same can be decided with mutual comfort. You will get the result of the exam within 3 working days.

The certification is valid for one year. After one year you need to renew the certification by giving another exam. There is no fee for the renewal.

We will start assigning the students to you within a week of your successful certification. The students are assigned based on the available time slots in your calendar.
You will be paid INR 150 per hour of teaching time. Your total monthly earning will depend on the number of hours that you teach in the month. Apart from the teaching time, you are also rewarded for getting good results of the students and getting referrals from the students. These reward schemes are shared with you every month.
Yes. Trainers who get consistent results for the students are given raise and rewards. The review is done after every 1000 hours of training (about 50-60 students).

eMaester is one of the products of uFaber edutech. uFaber provides online training for IELTS and PTE via another brand IELTSNINJA.COM. IELTS NINJA is one of the largest online training brands for IELTS with thousands of students enrolling every month. So we are never short of students rather we are always short of trainers.

The payment for the month is done via online transfer between 15th to 20th of the following month. Your earning calculations are shared with you in real time with a self-service portal where you manage all the students and their attendance.

That’s a very hypothetical question and it has never happened so far. All the eMaesters have full occupancy of their slots. However, to get your doubt cleared our service agreement with you commits a minimum of 1000 hours of training assignments. This service agreement is signed post the certification. If you need a copy of that, please feel free to let us know.

As an eMaester you have lots of opportunities to work with us. You can work on content development assignments, examiner, Master Trainer, session quality analyst etc. We keep updating you with these additional opportunities based on your availability and student feedback.

The training covers all the aspects you will need to ensure your student will get a winning grade. This involves understanding the exam pattern, complete curriculum of the exam, evaluation methods of various tests, students handling, lesson planning, designing remedial activities and understanding over 30 hours of content (videos + exercises) that the student will go through. You are also trained in internal learning management system and student management system to track the progress and attendance of each student.
On average, it takes about a month to understand everything required to get students up to the mark. During this period you would have one on one classes with one of our Master Trainers, go through the video content, exercises and assignments. The training classes are conducted online via Zoom a video service similar to Skype. The timings of these sessions are flexible and will be adjusted to your schedule.
Your application has been selected because you seem to have the required level of communication skills and understanding of the English language. However, just being fluent in the English language or having some experience of teaching offline is not enough to excel in online teaching. You need to be well versed with our content of over 30 hours, understand various scenarios on online one to one teaching and become confident enough to present yourself as an experienced teacher from day-1. All this requires extensive training and can’t be done in a couple of days on your own.

eMaester is the product of uFaber edutech pvt ltd. uFaber is a leading education technology company lead by IITians. The company specializes in personalized training for Entrance exams, languages and skill development. With over 100,000 students across various online courses like UPSC, GATE, IELTS, Banking exams, eMaester, IIT-JEE, Spoken English etc, uFaber is here to bring a paradigm shift in the way we learn.


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